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CANNABIS sativa & indica

(Ancient Herbal Remedy)
(Numerous Common Names: Hemp, Weed, Pot, Ganja, Kif, Hashish)

FEDERAL AND WORLD LAWS (USA,UN etc.) PROHIBIT DISPENSING ANY CANNABIS PREPARATION WITH OR WITHOUT A PRESCRIPTION, EXCEPT MARINOL BY PRESCRIPTION AND NON-THC HEMP PRODUCTS ARE EXEMPTED. SOME STATE LAWS PERMIT PHYSICIAN RECOMENDATIONS FOR VARIOUS MEDICAL USES. WORLD SEED/WEED LAWS PROHIBIT TRADE IN CANNABIS SEED. WORLD HIATUS CONTINUES ON HEMP ROPE FOR EXECUTION. DESCRIPTION Cannabis comes in many forms, most commonly as Marijuana, the green female flower tops commonly rolled into cigarettes containing only the dried plant material and fine paper. Hashish, the brown resin from female plants commonly smoked as small pieces of resin in pipes. Hash Oil, red brown oily extract of Hashish. Bhang, the leaf tea, is drunk much like other teas. Cannabis leaf cakes and confections are ingested. Hemp Seed, while not smoked, have many uses as condiments, nutritionals, oils and protein. Marinol is the synthetic THC preparation and is used orally in pill form. CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGY Cannabis contains several active Cannabinoids, of which Cannabindiol(CBD), Tetrahydrocannabinol(THC) and Cannabinol(CBN) are most abundant and are formed in sequence in vitro. Inhalation of Marijuana or Hashish vapors produces a warn light feeling, some exhilaration and increase in pulse, but not blood pressure. The active ingredients are primarily Cannbinoids. The THC is further metabolized within a few minutes by the liver to more active hydroxy metabolites. These metabolites are found throughout the body, but are more concentrated in the liver, organs, glands and central nervous system. An oxidized metabolite is ultimately excreted in urine. Titration of inhalations enables patients to very finely adjust the levels to achieve feelings of well being, relaxation and other contemplative states. These also correspond to various biochemical effects so that a complex balance of mental and physical effects can be achieved with a little practice. INDICATIONS AND USAGE Cannabis preparations are indicated for a wide variety of nutritional, medical and psychological needs. Nutritionally significant levels of Vitamins A, B, C, E & K are available with whole Cannabis and Hemp Seeds. Medicinal and Psychological levels of Cannabinoids are available from Marijuana and Hashish. Hemp and Seeds are poor sources of Medicinal and Psychological levels of Cannabinoids. Marijuana is indicated for addition to Cancer chemo- therapies and Aids primarily for anti-nausea, appetite stimulation, immune system support and anti-depression. It is also indicated for MS as anti-spasmotic, nervous system support and nerve transmission. It is also indicated for a wide variety of other rare and common aliments including Glaucoma, Auto-Immune Diseases, Genetic Diseases, and common Digestive, Nutritional, Sleep, Emotional, Psychological and Drug Withdrawl problems. Old uses are being restudied and new uses discovered regularly as trials continue. Cannabis is one of the most versatile and powerful herbal remedies. CONTRAINDICATIONS Prior history of weed allergies or Cannabis allergies should be evaluated prior to use. Some asthmatics are allergic, while others benefit from inhalation. The safety during pregnancy seems quite good when used in moderation, and teas may be best route to achieve long lasting medical, psychological and nutritional effects. It use during childbirth is controversial as its interaction with surgical drugs may occur during C-Section and other proceedures. Some light smoking during childbirth may be indicated for pain and anxiety. Cannabis during nursing may increase milk but since it is fat soluable it is also transmitted in milk, which has not been shown to be dangerous, and may be beneficial. Cannabis preparations may interact with MAO inhibitors and other modern drugs, but are less likely among older well known common prescriptions, narcotics and street drugs, where no known adverse interactions have been found. High doses of Hemp Seed and Seed Oils may be contra- indicated during various blood thinning treatments as its high level of Vit. K should be considered. Cannabis smoke produces light coughing to gagging and some air passage dilation, which should be considered in any pulmonary, restrained or unconscious situation. WARNINGS Keep this and all medications out of the reach of children, although there are some indications for children's use. Smoking may be hazardous to health and fire safety. Keep clean and store in a cool dry place. Seed hulls can be hard on teeth and irritating to bowels. Coarse or long hemp fiber can be hard to digest and can become lodged in intestines. Fine Cannabis fibers and dusts can be a significant respiratory risk. Hemp rope and cords should be kept out of reach of small children. Raw hemp fibers can cause skin irritations until softened by use. PRECAUTIONS Safety of uses of the many Cannabis prodcuts in babies and children has not been established, but small amounts have not produced noticable ill effects. Some beneficial effects may include digestive, resting, immunity, vitamins, essential fatty acids, and essential proteins. Doses should be adjusted for small body weights as its more difficult to titrate without smoking. Operating machinery, driving and special skilled activities under the influence should be avoided. Old saying still applies, "A little hashish warms, a lot burns!" ADVERSE REACTIONS No systemic adverse reactions have been reported, although some are allergic to Cannabis products either internally or externally. Cannabis should then be discontinued and physician notified immediately. Some panic reactions to large smoked or ingested doses can occur, especially in new users, which pass shortly usually without incident or upon reassurance by friends. Some brief tachycardia may be of concern to some cardiac patients and to doctors during heart monitoring. Recent studies have indicated some increased risk of heart attack during this tachycardia in cardiac patients comparable to simlar risks from moderate levels of exertion. OVERDOSAGE No overdose deaths have ever been reported, which means that Cannabis preparations have an extraordinary safety record virtually unsurpassed in pharmacology. The LD50 of pure THC is 22Grams/kg interperitoneal in rats. These rat fatalites came during testing for use as chemical warfare agent in WWII. These rat deaths by respiratory arrest may have been due more to pressure on diaphram, rather than some sort of toxicity or shock. The only known human fatalities have occured when large amounts of long hemp fibers were ingested leading to intestinal stragulation, but deaths from allergic reactions may have occured historically. DRUG DOSAGE AND ADMINISTRATION Cannabis is commonly smoked in cigarettes and pipes which allows for quick rise in blood levels and fine titration of dose and effects. Ingestion is considerably slower but can be longer lasting. Teas are generally faster than foods. Doses generally are from a couple of breaths to several cigarettes, although some patients need far higher amounts than normal range and some smoke several cigarettes several times a day. Usage is generally a tenth the amount of far more dangerous tobacco cigarettes. Low toxicity allows for very wide range doseing with minimal risk. Vaporization is used where purity of Cannabinoids is required. Marinol is used in pill form and also has slower onsets and longer lasting timeframes comparable to ingestion or teas. Tinctures are in strong ethanol solution for ingestion or topical use and were widely prescribed until 1937. There are several other routes of administration including: lotions, shampoos, suppositories; purified distilled Cannabinoids for smoking, nasal/otic, sublingual and injection. Optic use is dangerous and to be avoided, flush with water, get aid. HOW SUPPLIED Cannabis is most commonly supplied as dried female flower tops, with or without seeds. Hashish is commonly supplied in flat resinous slabs, soles or balls. Hemp seeds come cleaned of plant material, and hemp seed oil is similar to flax seed oil. Hemp seed cakes are the portion remaining after oils are expressed, and are usually about size of a hockey puck. Hemp fiber comes usually as bales, ropes, cloth and paper, including small fine papers used for rolling the cigarettes. Tinctures are supplied in small brown bottles. Marinol comes as round pills. REFERENCES Numerous Available, See Link Page or
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