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Great Historical Utopias

There Are Six Main Utopian Worldviews
Plus A Collection of Famous Sites
for historical, design and discussion uses.

  1. Stonehenge, 2500 BC & Cargohenge 2000 AD
  2. Pyramids of Geza, 2470 Mycerinus, 2500 Chefren, 2530 Cheops BC
  3. Pyramid Plans
  4. Pyramid Sections
  5. Great Sphinx, ? BC
  6. Minos Temple, Crete, 1500 BC
  7. Queen of Minos' Bedroom
  8. Acropolis Plans, Athens, 400 BC
  9. Parthenon, Acropolis, 400 BC
  10. Colleseum, Rome, 80 AD
  11. Pompei Forum, 79 AD
  12. Monastery, St. Gall Switzerland, 820 AD
  13. Monastery Model, 820 AD
  14. Chartes Cathedral, France, 1194-1220 AD
  15. St. Basil Cathedral, Moscow, 1554-60 AD
  16. Origins of Freemasonry

This site is still under construction,
other continents will also be covered soon.
See also Archelog Great Stones and Utopia Now!
We hope you carefully consider what is up so far
And can use this to expand your Utopian Viewpoints.
As Rodney King asked, "Can We All Just Get Along Now"?

These are examples of various Utopias which encompass not only buildings,
but lifestyles, world vision, engineering, art, religion, sports etc.,
and the never ending quest for great communities common to all cultures.

Some Additional Recent Examples:

This wonderful little "Coastal Community" Manarola, Italy is an extradordinary "Vision".
And then there's this place out in Arizona called Arcosanti worth visiting.
This City is a Classic Example of "20th Century" Pseudo-Utopian Design.
And Also The: Marriott's Desert Springs Golf Resort.
Just a little something I drafted a decade ago for them...
Imagine what could be designed if we put our minds to it !

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Picture Credits:
History of Art, Anthony Janson 5th ed.,
Harry Abrams Inc. NY, 1995.