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This page is about those noble, and not so noble, attempts to create a better life.
Even though things didn't work out so well; problems with the money, the drugs,
the kool aid, the guns, the fire suppression equipment, the neighbors and the government
it should not deter us from boldly going where no man has gone before...Utopia!

It usually hasn't turned out so great, but it's in the trying that's important. Each attempt has brought us closer to finding the way. Utopian religious groups were an important part in the settling of the U.S.. More recently, they have been at the center of the conflict between the government and the people. Waco is a spectacular example of that conflict, and the outcome. Outside forces are always taking a Reactionary position against any attempts at being different and living outside normal oppressive programs. "Why can't we all get along?" asked Rodney King. People seem so uptight and afraid to break free into a better world of peace, love, freedom, justice and prosperity. The anarchists also have some points to be considered, especially about government control. Maybe if everybody left everyone alone and minded their own damn business.

Sometimes plans are destroyed by internal bad guys just out for a buck, or agents sent to infiltrate and sabotage projects. The difficulties of attempting to build anything anymore are incredible. The system prevents most attempts from even starting. If sucessful, the gov't. wants the profits. The gov't. doesn't do anything except make life harder and fosters a climate of hatred and disunity. We could all enjoy the good life if we could just see our way past the situations they have created and move forward "To boldly go where no man has gone before" all the way to... Utopia.

Perhaps, it is science fiction, but I don't think so. It can be done on a small scale, and perhaps also independently worldwide. We must be vigilent against new forms of Totalitarianism and the New World Order. On the cosmic wheel of civilization, the cycle is passing through Totalitarianism and control to the next cycle of Anarchy and chaos. Any positive Utopian Revolution seems very distant. Neither of these forces want it and it probably won't happen for a long long time. But a new Revolution has appeared this decade from out of the past. A new way of getting people together, organized, productive and working on Utopia, the Limited Liability Company. Here are some links to the plans, past, present and future. These pages are great food for thought...and action, go for it!. Utopia Now!

UTOPIAN BOOTCAMP: First Things First!

Ten Commandments & Seven Deadly Sins
Leadership & Character
Declaration of Independence
Constitution of the USA
Bill of Rights
Constitution Amendments
Landlords, Peasants & Laborers, Fundamental Land Anaylsis
New Limited Liability Companies, The Legal Framework For Utopian Revolution

VIRTUAL UTOPIAS: The Past Is The Key To The Future!

Great Historical Utopias, (NEW !)
Sagewood Springs, A Virtual Western Town!
Small Town USA, Past, Present & Future
Garden of Earthly Delights (NEW !)
The Hunza, Shangri-La, Somewhere Near Utopia!
Lost Utopias, Only The Stones Are Left!
New Atlantis Theory!

UTOPIAN LINKS: Extract The Best From Each, Trash The Rest!

Landlords, Peasants & Laborers, Fundamental Land Anaylsis
Warrior Island Utopian Links
Utopian Links Part 1, A Sampling
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Eco-Village Links
United Nations Economic & Social Dev. Links
Atopian & Anarchy Links
Steve's Links:
Steve's Syberscience Secrets (@New Domain !)
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This just in, Utopia Now ! The Book
Includes much of what we have been saying here in book format.
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