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JUNE 1999

  1. Out West, USA, Utopia Springs Opens New Web Site !
    A group of webmasters and investors has opened a free website for Utopia Info.
    A wide range of topics, web pages, links, plans, picture galleries and other features is now online.
    Highlights were extracted from some of the best of the Past, Present and Future websites.
  2. Antarctica, S. Pole Earth, Plan for Nuclear Weapon Depository In Antarctica Presented At UN.
    A plan designed to really "Freeze" Nuclear Weapons, safe from the Biosphere and Humans
    was proposed by a team of geologists & other scientists as a viable option to current MAD Senario.
  3. Long Beach, CA, Architects propose using surplus Cargo Containers to build the 21st Century
    Yes, Cargo Boxes can be asembled to provide ultra-modern structures for a variety of purposes.
    Patterned coincidently after Mankind's oldest structure, a new age can be recycled from the past.
  4. Brazilia, Brazil, Scientists seek mysteries of the Rainforest deep in Jungles of Amazon.
    Secrets of the Mysteries of the Past, Present and Future of the Rainforest are examined for clues.
    One researcher said, "Damn, its a rainforest out there, filled with danger, potential, mystery, Gold & God.
  5. Out West, USA, Intentional Communities Website Is Growing Rapidly.
    IC Org site has perhaps the largest collection of Utopian Sites and Info Online.
    Something for just about everyone is available, so choose a utopia plan suited to your imagination.

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    News Highlights From 1999:
    Vitamin Cartel Busted, World's Biggest Drug Bust !
    Trans Siberian Railroad, Utopia So Close, Yet So Far