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Sagewood Springs

A Virtual Utopia Western Town

An 1890's ghost town looking place, with just a Main St.
with 14- 2 story false front buildings with balconies.
Seven buildings built on each side of Main St. so far...
Plus some misc. buildings at the end of Main St.
This virtual little western town,
Hotels and all
is based on beautiful historic Columbia California, a motherlode mining town,
which is now preserved as a State Park in the Sierra Nevada Mtns.
We hope this will become a full scale "Virtual Utopia" website.
Its a real challenge to create and its your town...so interact!

    North Side Of Main Street:
  1. Hotel / Restaurant
  2. Antiques / Jewelry / Art Gallery / Museum
  3. Doctor / Dentist / Optical / Pharmacy
  4. Wells Fargo Bank / Post Office (Leased To Bank & Feds)*
  5. Library / Copies / Newspaper /Bookstore
  6. Fire / Sheriff / Jail (Leased To County)*
  7. School / Town Hall / Church
    South Side Of Main Street:
  1. Grocery / General Store / Coffee / Sandwich
  2. Health Foods / Herbs / Juice / Beauty
  3. Arcade / Videos / Music / Computers / Elec.
  4. Auto Parts / Gas / Repairs / Bikes / Cycles / Small Engines
  5. Hardware / Bldg. Mtls. / Pawn / Guns
  6. Western / Clothes / Household Goods / Tack
  7. Saloon / Steak / Billiards / Dance Hall
    End Of Main Street:
  1. Park / Rec / Gym / Pool / ... back of School
  2. Nursery / Trees / Landscaping / Feed... beyond Park
  3. Swap Meet / Auction / Storage... back of Saloon
  4. Blacksmith / Welding / Steel ... beyond Swap Meet
  1. KNOV Country Western Radio Station
  2. Nice Tree Lined Hardened Gravel Streets with
  3. Trees and Benches between Buildings.
  4. Parking / Deliveries in the rear!
  5. No Vehicles In Town!
  6. RV Park
  7. Cost Est. $1 to 2 Million
  8. Pumphouse and Utilities down on end of Main St.!
  9. *These operations may not be allowed under LLC Laws.

Special thanks to Bill & Diane for loanin' us a few pics from their incredible vast collection to "recreate" this small piece of the West. New 3D graphical recreations based on these and other pictures are under construction. Please be patient, Sagewood wasn't built in a day!

Stop on over at our Friend's Little Virtual Western Town for some fun!
Silver City

A good experimental "Virtual Utopia" to do research on.
Business, Financial, Community, Social and
other analyses and calculations to work on, Fun Eh?.
See Member Owned Limited Liability Co. for legal format.
See Sagewood Executive Summary for project description
See Sagewood Personnel for good jobs

Then we can build:

  1. Houses Before, & Houses After
  2. Victorian Homes Online
  3. With Nice Kitchens,
  4. Log Cabins,
  5. Rustic Homestead Architecture
  6. With Nice Neighbors,
  7. Farms,
  8. With Organic Produce,
  9. Ranches,
  10. Dairies,
  11. Miner's Cabins,
  12. With Rustic Interiors,
  13. Mines,
  14. Mine Office,
  15. And A Large Mill,
  16. For The Rich Sagewood Mines.

320 acre site: (1/2 sq. mile)

  1. 5 to 10 ac. for Townsite, includes Fourteen Two-Story Buildings
    Plus Steel Barn, Nursery & Storage Sheds and Gym & Sauna
  2. 125 ac. for Fifty Homes on 2.5 ac. each
  3. 160 ac. for Farm: 1/2 ac. / person (+ 2 ac / Home Garden)
  4. 30 ac. Misc. Roads, Creek, Utilities etc.

Railroad, Freeway, Auto Junk Yard etc... Dunno??? :-)
Airport / Heliport, Computer Factory, Apartment Complex, Mall...
Oh Well, I guess I'll just move back to Los Angeles... :-(
No Wait, this is Our Town, so we can make it the way we want it!
This is not run by the Gov't. and Big Corporations!...

Sagewood Springs Personnel
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