Utopia Springs Presents
Mythical and Mystical Trees

This is a special page devoted to the search for
the great Mythical and Mystical Trees,
which are scattered around the world
and under constant threat of destruction.
A new appreciation of them will save
and renew them in greater abundance than ever.

I hope you can take some time to explore for them,
and maybe even grow some!
Can you name some of these great trees?

  1. Tree Of Life I
    The Moringa Trees of Horn of Africa Now Spreading!
  2. Tree of Life II
    The Aloes of Africa & Egypt, some are 70 ft. tall !
  3. Tree of Life III
    The Tamarisk of Arabia & Isreal, the source of Manna !
  4. Tree of Life III
    The Ceiba tree of the Central America Mayans.
    Piercing the Rainforest canopy,
    it flattens out for the Great Eagle to roost !
  5. Tree of Enlightenment
    The Bodhi & Banyan Trees of India & Asia,
    Where Budda and many others found Enlightenment !
  6. Tree of Knowledge
    The Anadenanthera, etc. of the S. Amer. Rainforests.
    Secrets of the native religions
    are now being revived to save the planet !
  7. Tree of Eternal Life
    The Bristlecone Pine of the White Mtns, Calif.
    Thousands of years old, This Bristlecone is still going strong !
  8. The Great Trees
    The Redwood and Sequoia of Calif.
    The Avenue of the Giants is one of the most amazing groves !
  9. Tree of the Inca
    The Alerce Pines of S. Chile.
    A war to save these virgin forests & condors from destruction !
  10. The Tree of Canada
    The Maple of Canada and N.E. America.
    Sweet, Beautiful and a great symbol of Freedom !
  11. The Tree of Temples
    The Cedars of Lebanon
    From the time of Abraham,
    these trees have been used for sacred projects !
  12. The Tree of Faith
    The Date Palm & Pomegranate Oases.
    One must have great faith to live in harsh deserts !
  13. Tree of the Empress
    The Paulownia of Asia and America.
    Valuable fast growing hardwoods could save the Rainforests !
  14. Tree For Life
    The Drumstick Tree, Lifegiving Food Tree !
Can you name any others???
The great Incence Trees certainly are both
Mythical and Mystical ! They are The Trees of Heaven:
  1. Frankincense & Myrrh
    Southern Arabian Penninsula
  2. Sandalwood
    Southern India
  3. Copal
    Aztec Mexico
  4. Ailanthus The Tree of Heaven
  5. Botanical Com
    How to make Incense

Please send any links to trees you think belong here. Thanks !
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