Camp Lovelace

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T Nation Would Like To Welcome
All Wannabe Grrls To Camp Lovelace
A Summer Camp Just For Us T Grrls!


Ok, as Shania Twain says, "Man, I feel like a Woman !!!
But where can one go to not only feel like one, but
run wild like one, run with one's friends, run free in the sun???

So, we all got together and said, hey there are camps for
just about everyone under the sun, so why not for us???
Then this plan was created to start our own camp asap!!!

After looking around at different camps, hot fun places, wild parties
and the many events from spring break to Sturgis to burning man,
somehing wild could also be put together combining some of these.

A wild party in the woods, complete with all types of T's, real camp fun,
special events, contests, makeovers and much more came into focus.
Music and party stuff, good food, exercise, information, sharing and love!!!

So, get on your lederhozen and high heel sneakers and call your friends.
Let them know this is going to happen in a big way, to get their gear ready.
To plan for some real outdoor wildlife, far from the closet, computers & clubs.

T Nation is excited about starting this new summer tradition of fun.
We hope you also get excited, contact us and your friends and
work hard to make this a reality and grow stronger each year thereafter.

We envision not just one locale, but a widespread series of events.
Starting small, and then perhaps developing into some more permanent
facilities like at nudist colonies and other outdoor membership facilities.

Who knows how far this will carry, but its long overdue, filled with potential
and so much fun, it surely will take root and grow into a force for "change",
a T Nation that is not locked in closets anymore, a T Nation living free at last !!!

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