1. Sand City Sandbag Tutorial
  2. Senosiain's Nautilus
  3. EarthBag Blog ! Kelly & Owen's Blog
  4. GRISB Sustainable Building Blog. 25 new articles earthbag building and more.
  5. Earthbag House Plans. new site has 60 affordable earthbag house plans.
  6. Utopia Springs, See Bottom Of Page For Latest Hot Links, including Oases, Mini Golf Country Club Hobbits etc. !
  1. Glen Small Interview, Biomorphic Biosphere Blues, insights into modern architecture geopolitics.
  2. Small Winery Cave Plans & Photos, requires excavator w/rippers,rebars,chainlink, lotsa shotcrete and wine ;-)
  3. Building With Earthbags, a cool book by Doni & Kaki in UT, lotsa enthusiasim and love in this technique. A fine book by very experienced builders and artisans.
  4. Malta Temples, Mnajdra and Hagar Qim
  5. EZ Bagger, great little sandbag tool, up to several hundred bags per hour.
  6. Ecovillage Org, offshoot of The Farm, TN, expanding Global Sustainable Villages through GEN Network etc.
  7. Laurel Skye, Tour Her House of Mosaics, The SkyeLab, Mosaics and More Mosaics and Fine Art.
  8. Tumbled Recycled Colored Glass & Tumbled Stones
  9. Eric's Sand Bag Koi Pond, a remodeled standard swimming pool, plus cool water plant gravel filter bed. See other aquaculture links to learn more about this exciting science and plants/equipment now available.
  10. Sagrada Familia, Gaudi's Masterpiece Cathedral in Barcelona Spain, note Fenestrate Hyperbolic Conical Towers.
  11. Architecture History, a fine collection of photos of many great structures, temples, empires
  12. Mayan Temples, Map To Archeological Sites & Photos, excellent site.
  13. World Mosaics, a collection of wonderful worldwide mosaics and inspirations forart, construction and design.
  14. A Monk's Photo Page On Sandbag Construction at Cal Earth, great photos, hoping to see what he builds in India.
  1. Irridescent Mosaics, 10 excellent colors, $14/SF.
  2. "Our Ecovillage", Shawnigan Lake Cowichan BC Canada, New "Rural Residential Comprehensive Development Zone",
  3. Paso Straw Bale House, A very hard lesson in alternative construction, documented in detail on this cool blog.
  4. Stars & Stripes Sandbags Get Tarps to extend life, geotextiles offer good temp covering. Note these are not made using the herein techniques, just piled up dangerous vertical walls, not arched to basic architectural principles.
  5. Earth Shelters, numerous examples of Down Under Underground, Coober Pedy etc.
  6. Rammed Earth Links, Steve has worked so hard, I get exhausted just watching, Lotsa great links adn ideas here!
  7. Ravenrocks, A Malcolm Wells inspired building project, trees, rocks, underground etc.
  8. Forestiere Underground Gardens, Fresno CA amazing sunken gardens, arches, ecologic earthen masterpiece.
  9. Sandbag Castle, Korean War, heroic positions atop highest peak covered in sandbags and bunkers.
  10. Gaudi, Some nice photos of his incredible Barcelona Spain Constructions.
  11. The Sandbag Castle is a simple DIY backyard project addition with complete tutorial. Some simple techniques that enable most everyone to participate, well at least those with some diggin skills and enthusiasm !
  12. Granite Slabs, and my favorite, Blue Pearl Labradorite Feldspar Black Granite
  13. Superior Sandbag Systems is awesome new trick of the trade. Using Continous bags with hopper/conveyor accurate rows can be laid out. All it needs is proper compaction mix, barbwire/tamping team and a full house can be built in a few days.
  14. Joshua Tree Sandbag Home, 10 guys, 3 mos. Awesome Example of this Technique!
  1. Simon House, Wales UK, a great small 20 foot house which was built with mostly strawbales and oak logs, but which could be built easier with sandbags and log exterior as shown, and w/wo log skylights. Grass covers most of the roof and adjacent sheds. Nice stonework accents perimeter. Shows how dome designs can be made to look like almost any culture/style.
  2. Autodesk, AutoCAD
  3. Top 50 Strangest Buildings, so if you think sandbags are weird, guess again, sandbags are quite average. We only wish we could make them as fantastic as these 50, and some are quite "buildable" with sandbags actually. Will architecture continue down this crooked path or will it straighten up and help humanity? We love the inspirational roadside Americana buildings, and find them quite normal and human compared to the ugly corporate fascistic architectures.
  4. Banyan Trees, Biomorphic Architectural Wonders. Found at most tropical archeological sites and temples. Trees of Enlightenment. With cultivation and guidence becoming mutual and symbiotic.
  5. Buddhist Temples, Dhamma Gallery filled with dozens of photos, Borobudur etc.
  6. Bottle Houses, one of our favorite materials, already proven to stand test of time.
  7. Bottle Houses around the world, more wonderful houses and details to explore.
  8. Roadside America Architecture, hard to achieve higher levels of these art forms ;-)
  9. Aga Khan Awards Cal Earth Sandbag Designs
  10. Building With Earth, A Guide to Earth Bag Construction, Paulina Wojciechowska 163p. 100 photos, Chelsea Green Pub. 2001
  11. Home Work, Handbuilt Shelters, Lloyd Khan's Book which rounds up many of our favorite radical projects.
  12. Fallout Shelter Equipment, State of the Art Atomic Toys to add into your wine cellar designs. Really Great Doors & Vents !
  13. Jelly Bean Glass, ummm gorgeous, delicious, remember to keep kids from eathing this stuff !
  14. Amish Woodworks, Fine Quality Gazebos and Affordable, Shipable Kits go great with Domes.
  15. John Annesley, Sandbagger, Photographer, seeker of eternal truths the hard way.
  16. Architecture For Humanity, Worldwide Humanitarian Projects, Great Ideas and Many Links.
  17. Architecture Week, Arch Scene Zine Links.
  1. Archnet Library Archive, Refugee Sandbag Housing Projects 2004 Report w Photos.
  2. Arcspace Architects Studio, Architects of the New World Order.
  3. Atlantis, Fantasy Resort Architecture, much of it simply gorgeous and amazing. Filled with ideas.
  4. Fallout Shelter Code Requirements, Aussies and much of the world takes this seriously.
  5. Architects Without Borders, Global Humanitarian Architecture w/ Red Cross, Sphere & NGO Guidlines etc.
  6. AZ Home, Hobbit Hole Video, a backyard kid (hobbit) size landscaping adventure, very nicely done.
  7. Decorate Home With Vines, Sound advice from 1877. Now think about going a few steps further, to fully overgrown organic structures: grapes,hops,kudsu,morning glory,bougainvilla, blackberry, wisteria, passion fruit, ivy, fo ti, honeysuckle or roses.
  8. Lotus Temple, Faith Based, Inspirational, Scientific, Awesome Alt Architecture that could probably be built in simplified solid way with sandbag arches and partial hyperbolic domes.
  9. Bamboo Journey, Bloody Rutted Jungle Trails To The Refugee Camps.
  10. Ricardo Bofill, Master Global Taller De Arquitectura Extraordinare, Vision, Historical Perspective, Geopolitical And Human/Environmental Integrations, Great Artistic Skills, and simply the best of the best.
  11. Original Sandbag Architecture School, Hesperia CA
  12. Cal Earth Alumni Page with numerous photos of great experimental sandbag projects worldwide.
  13. Mosaic Shelter, broken plates veneer cement wire musical structure with recycled materials. Sandbags would provide a stronger permanent substrate for these arts.
  14. Bottle Dome, these may be stronger than old square bottle houses, but we still recommend sandbags as structural base, with bottles for non structural windows etc. Perhaps LED lighting would make it glow in the dark? Arm is cool.
  15. Charlie Baird, paintings of Morrocco, Meditterranean, Carribean Architectures and other fine paintings. Sandbag architecture can build these visions easily and art can bloom, become integrated and flourish.
  1. Cheri's Mosaic Tile House Venice California, an exicting recent house done over in fun colored folk art mosaics.
  2. Collaborative High Performance Schools, Green guidelines for better designed, healthier Schools.
  3. West Baden Springs Hotel & Dome, Lee Sinclair's 200 foot diameter dome masterpiece in Indiana.
  4. Ancient Classic Mosaics, a great collection of some of the greatest Mosaics on icons, walls, arches, domes etc.
  5. Cool House Plans, 20,000 plans for those who wish to remain traditional & wooden.
  6. Kudzu, The Amazing Story Of This Super Vine.
  7. Sidewalk Glass Technology, Prisms, Structure History, now with new sandbag potential?
  8. Real Snowflakes, easy to see why no two hexahydroflakes are alike.
  9. Cupolas, Everything you ever wanted to know and more than you ever dreamed, a vast archive of great small works.
  10. Decostone, epoxy pebble coatings, versatile elegance, natural colors pleasurable texture for almost anything, my truck? ;-)
  11. Fine Affordable Arched Doors
  12. Plastic Domes, Hey, don't say I'm not eclectic enough ;-) These little puppies have all sorts of cool apps.
  13. French Country Chateau, Fine decorated arches and many dramatic details and lighting for amazing elegance.
  14. Solar Laminated Glass Dome, Melbourne AU, Lam Version of Victorian Glass Dome solves many tough problems.
  15. The Star Chamber, Vanderbilt Univ. Obsrvatory, an exceptional design with cosmic connections.
  1. Earth Architecture, Good site to get down and dirty and learn from the masters.
  2. Auroville Earth Institute, India, Earth Architecture Training, Large Vaults, Earth Blocks and much more.
  3. Earthbag Building Projects, a fine page showcasing some of the many sandbag projects worldwide. Shirley, Nader, Kelly and many more have done all the pioneering research so now its just up to you to really go for it !
  4. Polish Earth Hands & Houses, new Earthbag Designs and Ideas, books, workshops and. Adobe Oven Hottubs !
  5. Earth & Sand Houses, Warsaw Poland Sandbag Home Photos, Deep Dome With Large Vault Entrance.
  6. Hobbit Garden, links to all sorts of wonderful whimsical biomorphic structures including the movie sets and much more.
  7. Earthsong, Rammed Earth subdivision in New Zealand, with lotsa cool green construction, early millenium.
  8. How to draw a gastropod spiral with spool and thread !
  9. Ecosa Institute, Hands on diverse training in Ecological Design, Green and Drylands evolving beyond Arcosanti.
  10. Ecowise Green Building Recycled Tile, Glass & Terrazzo, new interesting colors and textures, but not cheap.
  11. Artists build beautiful biomorphic organic stone, stain glass textile Arizona homes.
  12. World Health Org. Enviromental Health now recognized as inseparable problems in need of mutaul solutions.
  13. Peter Vetsch fine biomorphic earth homes (erdhaus) in Switzerland.
  14. Findhorn Foundation, One of the original alternative organic programs, including a lot of natural spirituality.
  15. Cappdocia Turkey, Caves Gone Wild !
  1. Hassan Fathy, Master Islamic Adobe Architect, Architecture For The Poor.
  2. Jai's Earth Dome, Ojai CA, many nice little features.
  3. Green Guide Health Care, Applying Green Building Designing To Health Care Facilities.
  4. Glen Small, visionary architect and designer, turf town L.A. is one of my favorites, and my horse's ;-) But will it evolve into millions of gardeners with lawn blowers or real organic edible landscapes?
  5. Gomaco, Concrete Experts Show How To Do Slip-Form Rock Impression Walls With Cylindrical Molds. Tool Time !
  6. GRAIN SYSTEMS, medium grain silo specifications and grain numbers, ie 15 ft. D x 20 ft. H is over 2500 Bu.
  7. Chartres Cathedral France, a sacred 13th century gothic masterpiece of much more than architecture & stained glass.
  8. Green Home Building, A fine page on Building Code Wrangling and many other Green pages.
  9. Cast Earth, fast setting sand plaster mixes for poured in place construction, plus lots of other apps. A must learn trcik.
  10. Green Home Building, Kelly Hart's great page on Sandbag Construction with links, books, videos, ideas for research and life.
  11. Phillips Eco Enterprise Center, pretty much state of the art energy ideas and also many health issues.
  12. Geiger's Research Institute Of Sustainable Building, a good place to learn alternative techniques.
  13. English Villages & Artifacts, Project Gutenberg ebook. many great and classic designs.
  14. HGTV Extreme Homes Archive.
  15. Hindu Temple Construction.
  1. Blue Wine Bottles, great for windows & light accents in sandbag walls.
  2. Great Photos of Homes Gone Bad, do you still have any wonders why we turned to sandbags ? ;-)
  3. Homestead Org, a fine site dedicated to rural lifestyle with good articles and links.
  4. Emirates Palace Hotel, Abu Dhabi, 24 carat opulence for the pleasures of the rich and famous. Got Oil?
  5. Houses of the Future, 6 materials, 6 peculiar prefabs of prescience.
  6. Angkor Photos, 45 great shots of these 1000 year old Hindu Temples.
  7. Hubbell & Hubbell famous advanced biomorphic architecture.
  8. IADDIC Shelters, a new approach to emergency sheltering for homeless everywhere. Ideal also for construction workers.
  9. Pallet Camps, latest pallet home designs, great transition to permanent sandbag/stone/bottle homes.
  10. Indian Temples, truely inspirational structures, forms, veneers, sculptures, tiles, but especially Faith, Reverance, Dedication, Joy and Love in all that is both Human and Cosmic.
  11. Indian Temple Architecture, a good introduction to these masterpieces spanning millenia. They used granite, sandstone, marble, tile, sculpture, plus every kind of arch,corbel,curved arch,dome,vault,cone,conical tower,pyramid,column known.
  12. Inhabitat, fun eclectic green architecture site, stop on by to see or blog something new.
  13. Javier Senosiain, Biomorphic Ferrocement Mexico, nice article about his fine work with photos.
  14. Kudzu Covered Barns, who needs hay when you have this much edible landscaping?
  1. Johnny's Selected Seeds, turn your House into a Chia Pet ;-) What is Chia anyway? Just ask...
  2. JPJ Tech, School of Synthetic Rock Constr. See Hobbit Hole Video. Got Faux Rock? Faux Rock For Fun & Profit.
  3. Jungle Landscapes, lots of wonderful lively designs, materials and ideas for transformations.
  4. Kathie Jordan's Stained Glass Domes, custom 4 to 12 paneled domes add a lot of beauty to any project.
  5. Kincade Straw Blower for land reclamation and erosion control. Great equipment for turning sagebrush into productive pasture, just cover brush with straw, add cattle, stomp brush into mulch, seed with good pasture mix ! Water soon then trees.
  6. Native American Hogans, the Female log holds the Male log proped by the western Sunset log, 2 Door logs open to the east. Covered by stick & clay wattle or buffalo hides. These can be covered w/ palm fronds, tarps. Add Sandbags for food storage.
  7. Terran Alliance, Ron Ridenour's Earth Structures by Malcolm Wells, and Montana Utopian Vision.
  8. Traditional Model, just imagine sandbag/barbwire walls, bottle windows, slate roof.
  9. Spiral Draw, great fun toy & tool for spiral design, education and artistic ideas.
  10. Solar Chimney Dehydrator, ideal for all your drying needs, especially fruits, veggies and herbs.
  11. Malcolm Wells, Father Of Underground Architecture.
  12. Malcolm Wells, Links to Earth Struictures, dozens more to visit, so many links so little time.
  13. Marlo Bartels, master Mosaicist, lots of new ideas well photographed, including studio and layouts.
  14. Fallout Shelter Facts, DOE.GOV an oldie but a goodie, retro or deja vous? Start digging today !
  15. Radiolarian & Foram Microscopy & Details.
  1. Bo Atkinson's wonderful ferrocement designs and projects, many are delicious, most are incredible, some are excruciating.
  2. Mosaic Tiles, fine glass and ceramic even irridescent tiles ideal for sandbag dome interiors.
  3. Mosaic Atlas, 2100 photos of mosaics from around the world.
  4. Mosaic House, Moroccan Mosaics, Hand Painted Tile and More.
  5. Tumbled Colored Sea Glass Wide Range Of Rare Colors.
  6. More Mosaic Tiles, a vast art form just waiting for your sandbag structures.
  7. Metallic Tiles and All the Rest Of The Finest Tiles & Mosaics.
  8. The Kudzu Connection, Overgrowing A Scorched Earth With Life. Trick is to make it do all the things its famous for with a new respectful perspective for sustainable prosperity. Barb Wire it up high for great shade, bees out of way.
  9. Ranching in 21st Century, filled with hundreds of links to everything rural & fun.
  10. Natural Building School, Whidbey Island-Freeland,WA. A fine new school of updated ancient earthen arts.
  11. Waterfalls Web Ring
  12. Nikki De Saint Phalle, Mistress Of Tile & Mirrors Enter Her Whimsical Garden Of Tarot If You Wish To Find Love.
  13. Grotto Of The Redemption, West Bend Iowa, Father Dobberstein's masterpiece of gemstone grottos to the Virgin Mary.
  14. Oasis Design, Eco Homes and Rural Lifestyles with excellent grey water systems.
  15. Oasis Design Filled With Eco Techniques, Ideas & Lotsa Fun !
  1. The Ok Ok Ok Honey House, simple and very strong, a great early sandbag structure, plus Earthbag lotsa info.
  2. Organic Architecture, San Francisco, CA, Eric Corey Freed, Barbary Coast Rebel Architecture.
  3. Oxfam Refugee Camps, the photos only give a visual glimpse into the true sensory horrors.
  4. Pacific Domes, the easy path for those who hate digging but love domes.
  5. Papercrete and Bottles in Biomorphic Walls, Note Nice Bottle Dome Top.
  6. Royal Paulownia, A Gorgeous Fast Growing Fine Hardwood Super Tree.
  7. Arches, Arches, Arches, a nice collection of photos of the classics.
  8. Angkor Cambodia, Mysterious Jungle Temple Civilization Of King Jayavarman etal.
  9. Pebble Stone, covers almost everything, awesome artistic and elegant finishes possible, interior, exterior.
  10. Michael Arth, Pedestrian Villages, walkways, human scale architecture, landscaping, lifestyles, redevelopment solving urban problems and homelessness, examples in Florida and SoCal.
  11. Banyan Trees, Sacred Trees with massive roots ideal for growing over organic architectures. Where architecture becomes the substrate/support for advanced organic gardening, as seen in a number of famous jungle temple sites. Just time or intentional?
  12. Pool & Spas, galleries of world's finest, this is one of our favorites.
  13. Radiolarian Spired Domes
  14. Radiolarian Advanced Structures
  15. Radiolarian Fenestrate Structures
  1. Radiolarian Tower Dome Structures
  2. Rapid Set, Professional fast setting concretes, grouts, patching, mortars and additives, a must learn.
  3. Mosaic Mandalas St Louis Cathedral, Finest Lotus Designs, colors and details in perched domes.
  4. Refugee Camp Architecture, Site Planning, Integrations, Installations, Materials, Provisions etc.
  5. Refugee Camp Org., Doctors Without Borders.
  6. Russian Underground Arch/Vault Architecture and Tile, classic magnificent.
  7. Roger Dean's wonderful biomorphic homes and visions can now be built more structurally with sandbags and barbwire, less cement, forms, steel and cost. Adding in some ferro cement for details is still highly recommended.
  8. Natural Stone Veneers For Homes, Landscaping And Rich & Famous.
  9. Smokehouse, Broken Concrete, A Few Bottles, Road Sign Roof, and Voila, Home Seet Home, not sure how concrete was reinforced, nor roof attached, but it seems to be precariously holding it own.
  10. Facteur Cheval's Palais Ideal, folk art masterpiece where childhood dreams become reality in Hauterivies, France.
  11. Sandbag Express, when you put off building with sandbags to the very last for overnight delivery.
  12. Sandkings, Termite Mound Architectural Secrets & Science Research.
  13. Mosaic Borders, Marble Mosaic Borders add classic touch to any designs. Waves, Ropes, Wainscoats, Flowers.
  14. SCAFCO Grain Bins & Silos, can sandbags compete with these steel monsters? The World is waiting to find out.
  15. Fallout Shelters, Texas modular designs and features mostly for tornados but other uses.
  1. Sketchup Software, easy 3D Architecture, free demo and pro versions.
  2. Snow Crystals, Hexagonal Wonderlands filled with Design Ideas.
  3. Solar Roofs, Finest Designs and Materials for Solar Water Heating and Energy Savings.
  4. Bag End II, Storm Bear's concrete pipe hobbit space station fallout shelter? Got Crain & Loader?
  5. Straw Wattles, rolled straw has numerous uses, and could even be used for straw wattle housing, a miniature version of straw bale housing. We are exploring costs and advantages now. Any ideas?
  6. Super Krete, Professional concrete surfacing, attractive colors & textures, proven durable and reliable finishes.
  7. Eugene Tsui, Masterpiece Biomorphic Architectures.
  8. Tsui's "Egg House" atfor conical, spiral, porthole, arched masterpiece.
  9. Forgotten Technology, How To Move & Lift Megaliths, Pyramids, Stonehenge Etc., Canadian Breakthrough !
  10. La Maison Picassiette, Raymonde Isidore Master Mosaicist Lived In Total Immersion In His Passionate Art.
  11. Guilloche, Roman Mosaic Rope Borders, This full tutorial is a must study for all those into tile and mosaics.
  12. Niki De Saint Phalle's Garden, 3 Galleries persented by Joy Of Shards in great details filled with wonder, joy and love.
  13. Mushroom House, Whistler BC Canada Masterpiece of Biomorphic Woodwork, how to turn Hippie Driftwood into 5 Million ;-)
  14. Mosaic Trends, New Mosaic Products for all new designs and effects.
  15. Simon Rodia's Watts Towers, ferrocement mosaic masterpieces of recycling and eternal love towering over hate.
  1. United Nations High Commisioner For Refugees, UNHCR, Facts, Stats, Pubs, Research, Help!
  2. US Green Building Council and LEED, Leadership in Energy & Environment Design.
  3. U. S. Interdiciplinary Council On Homelessness, Planful Initiatives, Innovative Informed Strategies and Remoralized Intent.
  4. Garden Of Earthly Delights, An Image Map To The Garden Of Eden, c.1500, c. 2000
  5. Sandbag Sources and Equipment Links For Your Own Private Beach Resort Projects.
  6. Sandcity, a photo tutorial page for sandbag construction with more sandbag links.
  7. Spirals, Spirals, Spirals, a fine collection of Spiral Constructions to add to Sandbag Designs.
  8. Wandering Fire Tile, Fine Art Tiles for accenting all types of projects.
  9. Water Structures With Fine Stone and Tile etc.
  10. Mars Homesteading? A wierd story about those who are designing homesteads on Mars with good links. We think sandbag domes are vital part, along with wind electric hydrogen/oxygen water production, which can be done now.
  11. World Conchology, Seashells, Gastropoda, strong wavy rugose biomorphic structures for Sandbag Designs.
  12. W. R. Meadows, Premium products for sealing, moisture, repairs, epoxies, pools, decks etc.