This page will help you find many of the secrets of Palladium.
Palladium is the precious metal for the 21st Century.
Palladium is similar to Platinum, but has some chemical features similar to Nickel.
It forms a Palladium Dimethylgloxime precipitate, just like Nickel does.
It is increasingly being used as a catalyst, especially for exhaust emissions,
in electronics of all sorts, photography, dentistry, jewelry,
and may even one day lead to cold fusion energy.
There are lots of secrets about Palladium still kept closely guarded,
while still many more wait to be discovered.
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Palladium Assaying
Palladium Markets and Trading

Palladium Chemistry

  1. Pd Periodic Table Basics
  2. Pd Periodic Table Info
  3. Pd Hydrides, J. Phys. Chem
  4. Lab Of Structural Chemistry, Moscow State Univ.
  5. Pd Hydride Systems
  6. Pd Particles & Crystals
  7. Petr Vanysek, Pd Oxide Films
  8. H2 solubility in Metals
  9. Pd on Carbon Hazards

Palladium Catalysts

  1. Englehard Pd & Pd Alloys
  2. Handbook of Pd Catylyzed Organic Reactions
  3. Heterogeneous Catalysts
  4. Dissertations on Catalysts, Baiker Group, Zurich, Switzlnd.

Palladium Electronics

  1. Pd-Deut. Supercomputers

Palladium Photography

  1. Pt & Pd Printing Workshop
  2. Pt & Pd Photo Process

Palladium Physics

  1. Cold Fusion Primer
  2. Pd Catalytic Fusion/ Deuterium
  3. Nanoprobe Using Precious Metals

Palladium Mining

  1. Stillwater Mining Co., MT
  2. Meech Lake Ontario, Kalahari Res. Inc.
  3. Nickel, Copper, Cobalt, PGM Mines in Quebec
  4. N.A. Palladium Mining Co.
  5. Economics of Life, Mining Report
  6. Environmentally Responsible Mining
  7. World Mining Directory
  8. Info-Mine Mining Information

Palladium Assaying and Refining

  1. Englehard Pd Processing
  2. Eastern Smelting
  3. Jelenko Assays
  4. Coltech Assay Labs
  5. Garfield Metal Refining

Palladium Markets and Trading

  1. New York Mercantile Exchange, NYMEX Pt and Pd Markets
  2. Futures Market Commemtary, Jake Bernstein
  3. Pd Trading News
  4. CPM Group Metal Market Research
  5. Kitco Internet Hotlinks, Precious Metals, etc.
  6. Jack Carl Commodities, Chicago
  7. Behr Precious Metals
  8. Minerals & Metals Sector Publications
  9. Paumanok Publications
  10. Roskill's Metals & Minerals
  11. Precious Metal Connection
  12. Global Platinum & Gold Int.
  13. GPGI Metals Experts Commentary

Other Palladium Websites

  1. Peter Varmette's Pd Info Page
  2. Palladium Hotel, Mykonos Greece, built in 1903
  3. Palladium Theatre, London, England

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