Nutrition & Diet Secrets

These are just a sampling of the many hundreds of pages on Nutrition & Diet.
No one agrees on what is proper Nutrition, so make up your own mind on a Diet by
becoming better informed and giving it some serious thought and dedicated effort.
Try to get as much nutritious food and Ingredients Of Life as you can without overeating.
This is a real challenge, but is certainly the most vital part of health, happiness & longevity.

Some sayings about food may help remind you as you work on this age old dilemma:
"Eat your fruit & vegetables!" This admonition is good but usually deficient in protein etc.
"Fat is what makes you fat!" This is certainly a huge part of the problem, but so does sugar.
"Eat Sensibly!" Does that mean using the happy face diet or the scientific pill diet, or what?
"Bread is the staff of life!" It may not be that good, but what would we put peanut butter on?
"You are what you eat!" This cliche has much truth to it, so beware of lots of piranna sushi!

So, whatever diet you like, moderation & completeness are very important to keep in mind.
Bon Apetite !


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Nutrition Details & Body Analysis
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  7. Magnesium
  8. Self Analysis
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Diet Product Links
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Alternmative Nutrition Links
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Dr. Earthangel's Pages
  1. Safety
  2. Therapies
  3. Cleansing
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  5. Stress
  6. Depression

Longevity Links
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Hormone Rejuvenation
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Food Analysis & Organic Food Sources
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  3. Organic Farming, Grow Your Own !

Experimental Diets
  1. New Top Secret Russian Diet !!!Caution !!!

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