The Webmaster by sveta


Things were going well with the new compter, a nice box with a pentium, plenty of memory, big hard drive with a nice large monitor. Hummm the internet is such a pleasure now... i had only seen a little at a Webmaster friend's studio. Now maybe i could become a Webmaster like him if i work hard.

"Honey, check this out, look at how nice it brings things up, and how fast it surfs!" "Very nice Steve. I really hope you enjoy your birthday present." Susan said with a pleasant tone. "Thanks so much dear, this is really what I have been dreaming about for quite a while, ever since seeing that one over at Jim's." "Yes, Jim has a nice computer. Did you know that Janie got him that for his birthday too last year? " She said. "No, funny he didn't mention that. Well now we can email and even chat online and maybe learn how to do web pages too!" i said with excitement. She just looked over my shoulder and smiled with that look of deep Feminine understanding, like a Mom does over Her kid at Christmas. "Thanks so much, Susan. I love You." "Your welcome dear. Enjoy".

"Have fun dear and just surf around, get the email working and icq etc." She said as She left me alone with my new toy. i feel like a kid again, in awe of a new toy, a toy that is beyond comprehension, a toy that will help me grow and learn about the world, a whole new world.

Well, after i got it all humming nicely, i decided to email Jim and see what he is doing online. "Jim, this is Steve. How's it going there?" "Cool", he replied quickly. "Fine Steve, i am really getting into this more and more." "Well tell me what's up, what do you work on, Jim?" After some hesitation or just simple delay somehow, Jim replied, "Oh just some stuff for the Misses, things She wanted me to find, work on... and you know? Its been really a good thing, i mean a real eye-opener and has changed my perspective on the world." Jim said.

"Great Jim, and are you learning to do web pages too? " "Oh yes Steve, but they are not ready just yet, getting close though, just some more details and a few pictures." "Fantastic, you'll have to show me sometime what you do." "Well, errr I've been real busy Steve, but maybe I'll have some free time soon and we'll get together, all of us for a little internet party or something." "Sounds cool Jim, talk to you later, bye"

Well I really got to get busy here to get caught up. "Susan Honey, do you know anything about the internet? You know, like from work or friends?" "Yes Steve, we use it at work all the time, and we Corp. intranet worldwide also". "Gee, You never mentioned it much dear, can You help me learn this?" "Well, I just want to let you have fun first before we get into the real difficult stuff, the real inside internet. Just have fun, find stuff you like, see the world."

Ok, ok, this is fun, and its so wide open to possibilities and fun. Maybe i could even take a peak at some Girls and see what that's all about. They keep harping about porno on the web, what's the big deal? Cool, free pics to thousands of Girls, and any kind of sex stuff you can imagine...and much you really can't imagine...stuff that 'penetrates', so to speak, places one should never enter. Never. Well curiosity killed the cat, will it kill the surfer? Nahh no problemo. I'll just click through all these links and get lost in it for a little while. I can always hit the back button if She comes back to see how i'm doing...

Now this is amazing, everything from good Girls to bad Girls to outrageous Girls, and from Girls to Grrls, you know the ones that spell Their names funny, kinda like the Strippers do but not quite so cool. i had never realy seen pictures quite like that before, are They gay or lesbian or straight or what are They anyway? And then i stumbled into a place filled with just stories, lots of naughty stories. Fun stuff, and no worry about having naughty pictures up on screen to get caught.

Geez, these aren't the regular stories, these are silly sissy stories ! Ugggh, sissies, i hadn't thought about sissies since grammar school. Little panty waist sissies running like girls on the baseball field and unable to throw a ball like a real guy. Pathetic sissies, good for nothing except unending teasing. So much fun it was to tease the sissies away in tears, then back to the game and my real guy friends like Jim.

Ok, back to the real Girls, oh yeah Baby!!! Now She is looking fine! i thought until i clicked to the next shot of the rest of Her, damn, She's a Shemale ! Good Lord, how does that happen, Birth Defect? Hormones? Plastic Surgery? Damn good looking though. Whatever She is, She is certainly a fine specimen, a Creature of Love,. a Creature of the Internet.

Ok, got to get on to something safe again. Susan will be home soon and i better have something to show Her. Some cool sites to share. "Hi Honey, I'm home!" She hollered from the backdoor to the garage. "Hi Honey, i'm in the den working on the computer." "Great dear, I'm so glad you like it. Have you found some good stuff? Anything good to show Me?" She asked. "Well, just a few things so far, You know, news, sports and weather kinda stuff." i lied right to Her face. Geez, i hadn't lied to Her in so long i can't remember. But, i was pretty sure She didn't approve of my reading materials sometimes, especially if She wanted attention or to take a long bath.

"Come on Honey, is that all you found? Are you having trouble navigating or using the search engines?" "No dear, not really, just don't know what to look for." i said much more truthfully. i really didn't have much of a clue. But She did. She sat down and whipped through some really cool sites pretty quickly. Fine places all over the world, Art, Culture, Music, Shopping, Travel and on and on. "Wow dear, that's incredible, did you learn that at work?" i asked. "Well, not exactly dear, the Girls find stuff on breaks and we share at lunch all the fun things we find, and we have found some really awesome things, dear". "Great Honey, i really want to be able to do this well, i'm trying." "Yes, I see that you are and it takes a while to find what you like." She said with that Feminine Wisdom tone again. "I'll just leave you be and just let me know what you find dear, promise?" "Sure dear, i promise." oh oh, why am i starting to lie to Her? This is not good.

Hummm, She is in the bath, maybe just a few more peeks at all those wild people and stories before bed and maybe i'll get some naughty ideas for bedtime fun. "Wow, She is incredible"...those foreign Girls are so yummmy, exotic and pretty. But seems everywhere i surf there are all these other people, Dommes, and Queens, and Sluts and Gays all mixed togehter at these sites. Well, too each his own. Its cool to see what others are up to online. Quite a diversity of stuff, a real spectrum of sexuality.

"Honey, would you please get me a fresh towel, this one is old?" She called from the bath. "Sure dear, just a minute". I rushed over to the closet and got Her a new large towel and a smaler one for Her nice long blonde hair. "Thanks dear, let me just snuggle up here behind you and you show Me what you found." She said softly while wraping up in terrycloth and getting warm and snuggly next to me. "Well not much dear, just some foreign cities, and some museums and tourist places." i lied again, oh oh a third time, hope there isn't something magical about that... "Come on dear, do you need My help or what?" She said rather disgustedly.

"You wanted to do this, are you having second thoughts?" She asked. "No dear, really, i'm having fun and making progress." i said half truthfully not daring to go to full lying. "Ok, but i expected you do to find something nice by now." She sighed. "Maybe tomorrow dear, tomorrow". Ok, Honey, tomorrow then it is, promise?" She asked. "Sure, ok for sure, lets get some sleep, long day ahead."

My dreams that night went to far away places and even further than i imagined, to strange faces and places of the subconscious. Dunno what i realy dreamed about, just tossed and turned it all over and over i guess, now i'm tired, but i don't have to go to work today. "Bye Honey, see you after work." "Ok Honey, have fun online now, and show me some fun stuff tonight, ok?" Yes dear.

Well, another whole day surfing around and getting deeper and deeper into trouble. This is fun, but not what i'm supposed to be doing. i can't lie to Her, i must find something cool. Ok, this is nice stuff, Paris, yes Paris, She will like this for sure. I'll bookmark it and all these links. Cool.

"Hi, Honey, what ya got for Me tonight?" "Some good stuff dear, Paris and lotsa links around town." Ok, back in the grove again i thought. "Great, would you mind fixing dinner, while I surf them?" "No honey, i'll be glad to fix You a nice dinner, have fun." i felt good about the web now, something we could share.

Well, little did i know She wasn't surfing, She was searching deep files...files to what? i couldn't tell from the kitchen, but oh well, whatever. "Ok dear, dinner." "Come hear Steve, let me show you what I found tonight!" She said excitedly. "Let me show you Honey some special things I know you will like." "Ok, great !" i said so naively. "Hear is the first one dear!" She said as She stood up and behind me.

Oh my lord, how? What? This can't be! A billion websites and She picked this one, the one about Shemales?" "Ever see any Grrls like that Honey?" She asked with a strange tone. "Well, err maybe somewhere, yea, sure." "Or like Her?" She asked as She clicked again to another site i had just seen earlier. "Isn't She beautiful?" "Well yes i guess so dear" i was starting to squirm. "And this Grrl? Isn't She adorable?" "Yes, Yes She is." i cut the answer short like at a deposition. "Humm, are you ok dear? anything bothering you? She asked. "Just tell me sweetie, its ok, its Me, Susan". i knew the jig was up and this was my last chance to end the lying and deception, i had been set up. "Ok, dear, i visited some of those same places yesterday. How did you ...?" "Honey, i know everything, we know everything dear. Jim's wife and the Girls at work have been working on this plan for a year dear. We know where the internet log history is filed and its easy to see where someone has surfed. We just wanted to make sure we were right about some of our husbands before we..." She cut it short and waited for my response and confession.

"Well ok Honey, was this whole thing was a test or something?" i asked. "Yes dear, a very important test, of your deep psyche and subconscious dear." She smiled in success. "Well, i dunno Honey, i just seemed to be curious and mesmerized by all these new things and..." i offered. She looked sternly now, "Curious? or Attracted?" She glared. i knew this was serious stuff now, Busted with a Capital B. "Ok, yes, i find them attractive and they even disturbed my sleep last night". i spilled hoping to extinguish this fire with extra detail. "Oh really dear? Well, get your coat dear, we're going out. We'll talk on the way.

She drove directly over to Jim's place. This is a bigger plan than i thought. What were these Girls up to? "Hi, Janie, how are you tonight?" Susan said as Janie opened the door. "Great, Hi Sue, Hi Steve, long time no see. Come on in make yourself at home. I'll get Jim." Well, ok, nice to get out of the hotseat. "Hi Steve, how are you?" i heard Jim say, but whoa! "Jim?" was all i could say. My mouth couldn't form any other words as it just hung in mid sentence and in mid air! "Hi Steve, do you like my new outfit?" "Well errr aaah sure, its errr ahhh cute Jim." i couldn't believe my eyes, Jim, my oldest school buddy, was in a pink maid's dress ! "Yes Steve, Janie got it for me after She found out what i liked on the internet." "Yes, Steve, Jim has really come a long way since getting online and in touch with his psyche, his real self. Isn't it wonderful? We are so happy now, we really had a messed up relationship before as you know. Now, its just perfect!" Janie said. "Yes, Steve, its true, i'm so happy now, may i get you a drink? A whiskey perhaps?" Jim said and curtsied. "Yea Jim, make it a double! Thanks." "Just call me Jamie ok? "Sure Jamie, nice outfit!" i answered in awe. Boy, i really needed that drink now! What the hell is this all about?

"Ok, Steve, we weren't positive what you liked sexually for sure, and we couldn't just ask. So we all came up with this plan to test our husbands and find out what makes them tick, so to speak." She explained. "And...? i asked sorta not really wanting to hear the answer. "Steve, you know I love you and would do anything for you, and now I am, ok? I will help you become what you really dream of." "Huh" "Ok, just listen to this", as She pulled out a mini-recorder. i couldn't believe my ears, i was talking in my sleep to those Shemales, and chating with them like...i can't believe it, like one of them! "Please, ok i have heard enough ok?" Ok, Ok, i guess you're right, maybe this is what i am subconsciously." i snivelled. "Yes, Steve, this test has been right on the money for every husband so far, 5 in all." "5?" i gasped in disbelief. "Really" "Yes dear, 5".

"Its ok Steve, really it will be ok, you'll see", chimmed in Jamie reassuringly. "I have met the others, Steve, and you will soon, it is so much better now for all ten of us", Jamie said as She placed the drink into my hand and squeezed it. i was speechless. "Ready to go home dear? Ready to begin?" Susan said. "Well, let me finish my drink and say goodbye to my old friend.. Jim aaah...Jamie and yea...i'm ready dear, You know i love You and would do anything to make You happy, and i guess You Girls really have our best interests at heart." "Yes, Steve, trust me, I love you and promise to love you just as deeply or more, as you become what you were destined to be dear, a Shemale, my sweet, beautiful, loving Shemale forever." She said it so lovingly and with such softness and careing in Her eyes. "Yes dear, Good night Janie and Jamie", i said as we exited and returned home.

"We will go the doctor tomorrow and get you all checked out and started right away, and then go shopping!" She said excitedly. "I was kinda hoping this was what you liked dear, really. I couldn't picture you as the sissie maid type, or gay like some of the others." She said so sweetly. "Gee dear, this could really work out nice for both of us" i said. "Yes dear, its going to be so much fun as Grrlfriends and as Lovers", She said as She pulled me close, swung me around and down onto the bed. "So much fun!!!" She giggled as i squirmed underneath Her new found passion and lust. "Yes dear, yes, make me your Shemale forever!!!" i giggled. We sealed it with deep hard kisses and a night of pleasure we will never forget. "Yes dear, I am going to make you my Webshemale and we will surf happily ever after." She smiled.

Yes, we live happily now, and have many nice web pages online, linking up others like us, and we even have our intimate pictures online, sharing our love with all our new friends. Living openly as Susan and Sveta, (which is an kind of Shemale anagram of Steve), in a new kind of BDSM relationship and true love as Webmistress/Webshemale.

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