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My favorites are Capped, my CD's are in (Parentheses), and Links are in Red:

  1. Tori Amos (spring sampler from choir girl hotel)
  2. Amp (angels in our midst)
  3. aphex twin (come to daddy)
  4. the artist formerlly known as prince
  5. batman forever
  6. Beastie Boys
  7. Beatles (sgt pepper's lonely hearts club band)
  8. Beavis and Butt-head experience
  9. Beethoven (symphonies 5 and 6)
  10. Björk (telegram)
  11. David Bowie
  12. Brothers Cane (and fools shine on)
  13. Bush (sixteen stone, razorblade suitcase)
  14. Chumbawumba (tubthumper)
  15. Cranberries (to the faithful departed)
  16. Crow
  17. Cure(paris, wild mood swings)
  18. Deftones (adrenaline, around the fur)
  19. Doors(disco nights vol. 4, the doors)
  20. dumb and dumber(face to face, live)
  21. Edna Swap(edna swap)
  22. everclear
  23. garbage
  24. Guns n' Roses (use your illusion I)
  25. Haze (tom dooley)
  26. Hole (live through this)
  27. incubus
  28. jane's addiction
  29. janet jackson (janet)
  30. janis joplin
  31. Jewel (pieces of you)
  32. jimi hendrix
  33. josh wink
  34. Kmfdm (split, nihil)
  35. Korn (korn, life is peachy, follow the leader)
  36. lagwagon
  37. limp bizkit (three dollar bills y'all)
  38. love alien (blue planet)
  39. love spirals

    Feature Artist: Ana Voog

    1. Ana Voog Home Page
    2. Ana Voog Cam
    3. Ana Voog Streaming Videos
    4. Lyrics
    5. Bio
    6. Music Blvd. CD's
    7. Online Store CD's

  40. marilyn manson (lost highway, antichrist superstar) mark and brian (you had to be there)
  41. Metallica (load)
  42. Matchbox 20 (yourself or someone like you)
  43. mighty mighty bosstones (let's face it)
  44. Alanis Morissette (jagged little pill)
  45. Nine Inch Nails
    (music at the movies, down in it, pretty hate machine,
    head like a hole, sin, broken, fixed, march of the pigs I,
    the downward spiral, closer *both discs*, further down the spiral, disturbed)
  46. nosferatu
  47. Oasis (what's the story morning glory?)
  48. orbital
  49. Ozzy
  50. Pearl Jam (ten)
  51. Pink Floyd (phantom of the opera, the wall)
  52. Prodigy (fat of the land)
  53. projekt sampler
  54. pulp fiction
  55. pure moods
  56. Rage Against The Machine(evil empire)
  57. Rancid (and out come the wolves)
  58. Republica (republica)
  59. adam sandler (they're all gonna laugh at you)
  60. shroud
  61. simon says
  62. Smashing Pumpkins (mellon collie and the infinite sadness)
  63. Soundgarden (superunknown, songs to wake the dead)
  64. Speedball (hog)
  65. sting
  66. Stone Temple Pilots (purple)
  67. sublime (sublime)
  68. sugar ray (floored)
  69. sugar veloredemo
  70. super girls (third eye blind)
  71. tilt
  72. Tool(undertow, opiate, Ænima)
  73. trainspotting,
  74. urge (receiving the gift of flavor)
  75. Veruca Salt (eight arms to hold you)
  76. White Zombie (astro creep 2000)
  77. woodstock 94

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