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The Gay Agenda: Fostering Acceptance or Hate?

Are portions of the radical "Gay Agenda" fostering a rise in acceptance towards gays, or a rise in hate?
Lets look over some of the items on the agenda that seem to be causing the most stir.
Lets try to find a way to sort this out, and find a way to lessen the hate and promote acceptance.
Perhaps a more moral and acceptable approach, drawing some lines between good and evil, is needed here.
Basically, if you want people to accept you, you behave in a manner that is generally agreeable to most folks.
If you don't want people to hate you, then don't gross them out, provoke & coerce them, or infringe on their rights.
If you don't want to be negatively stereotyped, stand up against those among you who are creating the problems.
This is presented as opinion, as food for thought, please give it some serious consideration. This is not a forum,
sorry don't bother to send letters to the editor, just start your own newspaper and write your own opinions, ok?
Changes to this page occur often, so check back now and then to see how politically correct or incorrect it is :-)

  1. Repeal of All laws governing age of sexual consent.
    This is seen as child molestation by vast majority. It is something that we all should stand united against.
  2. Repeal of Adult & Child Prostitution Laws.
    Again, children need many types of protection, not less protection. Adult prostitution is not the answer to the problems of prostitutes, although perhaps a few more states that allow it would help other regions.
  3. Demands for Homosexual Adoption & Custody.
    While homosexual custody seems reasonable in most circumstances, adoption by homosexuals is not acceptable to the vast majority. Existing child protection laws do cover most types of abuse, but the issue of lifestyle is a serious consideration also.
  4. Demands for Same Sex Marriages & Polygamy.
    While smae sex marriages may become acceptable, and accepted legally, polygamy has met with quite strong resistance, even in Mormon circles. Traditional family values don't seem to work as well in polygamy as well as same sex or hetero sex marriages. It just seems to be a circus of problems on all fronts, especially for children.
  5. Demands for Minority Class Status.
    Gays are certainly a very small minority, but to force this on others by creating a false minority status degrades all legitimate minorities and infringes on the majority's rights. Lifestyle is not something worthy of minority status.
  6. Repeal of Private Consentual Adult Sex Laws.
    Repeal of consentual adult sex laws is simply long overdue. It is simply not anyone's or society's business.
  7. Requiring Anti-Homophobic Training in schools, public service, business.
    Requiring of Anti-Homophobic Teaching may be not such a bad thing, hate is wrong, but teaching of Gay Lifestyles and the promotion of this is not correct, just as promoting virtually any alternative lifestyle.
  8. Decreasing Parental Control of Teachers Parents should have considerable control over who teaches their children. It should be more democratic and not dictatorial. Parents pay for it and they should have considerable say in matters affecting their children.
  9. Demanding Gov't. Sponsorship of Gay Support Services/
    Gov't. sponsoring for a group's lifestyle is definately wrong. It is a bad precedent. It is discriminatory, one over another, and frankly, gays should not even want something from the gov't. in this fashion.
  10. Allowing of Openly Gay Public School Teachers & Counselors.
    Openly Gay Teachers are not bad per se, but teaching and promoting of any particular lifestyle probably crosses the line for the vast majority. Gay counselors are an even more difficult issue, can they be neutral?
  11. Acceptance of Gay Promiscuity and Associated STD's.
    Accepting of Gay promiscuity is almost out of the question. Gays should not even accept it, and many already shun those who are. The epidemics of STD's & AIDS has made it even more important to behave more rationally. It is abhorrant to the vast majority, and is used against gays in many ways. It hurts gay causes greatly.
  12. Acceptance of Gay Perversities.
    Gay perversities are even more inflamatory and really get most people upset, turning them against gays. It creates an even worse stereotype and engenders even more hatred and violence. It makes me sad to see such depravity.
  13. Gay Environment at Business & Housing.
    Well again, if they don't cause trouble fine with me. But many can't resist causing or even provoking trouble, and they should face the consequences. Nice public behavior is everyone's duty. Discrimination against gays is wrong and laws to protect their rights to work and live seem to be necessary.
  14. Gay Links to Pornography, Satanism, BDSM & Pedophilia.
    Gay pronography is no worse than hetero porn, but it doesn't do anyone any good either. It tends to reinforce all the negative stereotypes. Satanism and witchcraft etc. are closely connected to many gays and lesbians. It is just not acceptable to any culture or mainstream religion anywhere in the world. BDSM also is heavily participated in by gays, again, it just freaks most people out. Keep it in the dungeon, not in public ! Gays and pedophila is a hotly debated issue. Any activities that connect gays to these sordid activities should be actively denounced by the gay community, as with other child predation and exploitation.
  15. Gay Recruitment of Youth.
    Recruitment of Youth, while signs saying "uncle sam wants you" are not seen, nevertheless, teens and young people are encouraged into gay activities in large numbers by much older gays. When it is done in situations of job, education, or other hierarchical situations, this is sexual harassment. But, consentual adult sex is just that. Recruitment into any cult seems to be a big problem these days. Perhaps if teens were not forced to find alternatives.
  16. Gay Political & Legal Demands.
    Gay Political demands often go too far. They add in many pieces of this agenda that just are not acceptable to even many gay people. It happens with almost any kind of legislation, not just gay, but gays should be vigilant and get the best laws passed, not just the radical agenda. Legal demands, in the form of lawsuits and other actions, are often used to press portions of the agenda. They stand or fall on individual merits usually. Political and legal victories that incite backlash by the majority are not productive at all. Backlash is a serious problem, which can lead to frustration and violence against gays. In fact, there is considerable backlash already on many fronts, not just gay.
  17. Promoting of Public Gay Lifestyle & Removal of All Anti-Gay Laws.
    Promoting of public gay activities, especially parades, is certainly justified. It leads to a lessening of tensions and a friendlier atmosphere. But promoting gov't. sponsored gay pornography, promiscuity and nudity etc. has certainly created much backlash and problems. Gays can afford their own art and projects without using gov't. funds. Discrimination laws against gays need to be repealed, but pro gay laws should not replace them. How can people accept one group being hoisted over or foistered upon the rest?
  18. Gay Anti-Family & Anti-Church Positions.
    Gay anti-family positions are very counterproductive. One the one hand, gays want to be able to marry, have custody and adopt etc., then turn around and denouce family values etc. Gay anti-church rhetoric is often outrageous, even more sometimes than the anti-gay rhetoric coming from some churches. Two wrongs don't make it better. It also leads to gays turning away from morality and decency, often towards satanism and other counterproductive activities. The increase in churches accepting gays gives decent moral gays a real opportunity to overcome prejudice.
  19. Gay Intimidation.
    Gay intimidation is just truely disgusting, and can be downright illegal, such as blackmail. It really generates hostility and is one of the worst things gays can do to hurt their own cause. Some of it sinks to new lows.
  20. Gay Unity.
    Gay unity is certainly needed, but when it tries to encompass every deviant behavior, every single aspect just because some gay is doing it, it is a disaster. There is a right and wrong, and gays must take a stand for what is right, and stand united against the wrong and counterproductive activities. Unity is fine to up to a point, then it can become a form of bigotry as well, ie. against members of the gay community such as T's who are often heteros. T's are often excluded from the mainstream gay world even more than straights. Gays can be more bigoted than the straights they whine about. And what's with all that gay Aryan Nazi gear? These fashion challenged take the prize for stupidity. :-)

The following have managed to provoke serious reactionary hate accross the country. This hate is fanned by the attempts to provoke, force, coerce, intimidate, and just plain piss folks off by their outrageous writiings and behaviors. The blood of the innocent is smeared on their souls as well. While freedom is something we all agree on, it doesn't mean imposition, equality, superiority, bigotry or the right to mess with people's kids. I stand against them. There are a few more to be added soon. I support virtually all radicals, weirdos, outlaws and other outcasts as long as they don't try to impose it on others, inflame the hate, incite violence, promote outrageous behavior as something good when it isn't, or mess with kids. There are problems with every movement and cause today, primarity over whether the extremists are allowed to destroy all the good that that movement has worked hard for. Beware of them whatever your cause.
  1. Man Boy Lovers Pedophilia, Child Molestation
  2. Gay Les Alliance Against Defamation Media Spin Doctors of Extremism
  3. The Advocate Inflamatory Radical Rhetoric, Gay Aryanism
  4. Equality Project Satanism, Atheism & Witchcraft As "Equal" Religions. Freedom Yes, Equal No Way.

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