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Antiandrogens have come a long way since Spironolactone,
(Aldactone) which affects potassium levels significantly.
( Spironolactone for Heart Disease is also hot med news.)
These new drugs are a product of Prostate Cancer Reseach,
and are Amazingly Effective and Efficacious,
without many side effects and risks of Spiro or Estrogens.

Lupron is the first LHRH analogue, leuprolide acetate,
(LHRH is the body's Leutinizing Releasing Hormone)
Developed by TAP Holdings & Pharmeceuticals.
It is a very powerful antiandrogenic agent for treatment of Prostate Cancer,
which requires the complete elimination of testosterone.
In combination with Casodex, (see Flutamide Goup) its is more effective than castration & estrogens.
This is because it blocks all sources of testosterone inside & outside the testicles.
For an overview of Prostate Cancer Drugs please see the following link:
Prostate Cancer Drugs, 1997 For some info on Environmental Hormones with Estrogenic and anti-androgenic activity see:
Herbs To Avoid During Pregnancy.
    Leuprolide Acetate, LHRH Analog, Antiandrogen etc., TAP Pharm.
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Flutamide Group
This group of powerful Prostate drugs now has three approved members:
  1. Eulexin, flutamide, by Schering,
  2. Nilandron, nilutamide, by Hoechst,
  3. Casodex, bicalutamide, by Zeneca.
  4. Casodex Approval News

There has been great progress in the fight against Prostate Cancer,
from a survival rate of only 66% a few years ago,
to about 88% recently.
Thanks to George Foreman and others urging, more men get their butts fingered!
Early detection has been brought about by greater awarenees and information.
It has made a real impact, and saved many lives and needless suffering.
Prostate Cancer Info Link Page
Prostate Resources Guide, AFUD
These new drug treatments are also a significant part of this success.
Orchiectomy is less needed, and even though sex life is affected
it may possibly be restored later with help of Hormones & Viagra.
Also, related research in Enland is into Male Birth Control with Testosterone & Anti-Prolactin Drugs.

Of special interest also to Transsexuals, these antiandrogens
can possibly greatly enhance the effects of current estrogen therapies,
and perhaps even herbal feminization programs.
Unfortunately, these drugs are very expensive
and currently used only for life and death situations.
A price quote 1/19/99 for Lupron 22.5mg depot injection was $1750.00.
This injection is good for three months.
A quote on Casodex, 50 mg, 30 tablets, 1 mo. worth, was $350.00
So a three month program would cost about $2800.
Its doubtful T's can be covered by insurance, only cancer patients.

It is interesting to see this relationship in Medicine
between not only T's and Prostate Research
but also a third side to this issue of antiandrogens:
Chemical Castration of Criminals:
Please see this link to Women's Coalition to find out more about the new laws
reguarding the Chemical Castration of Rapists and Child Molesters:
Women's Coalition, Susan Carpenter McMillan
Depo-provera, an important female birth control drug,
is used as punishment, and as an antiandrogen to supress their evil desires,
but this technique may be badly outdated already since the law was passed in CA in 1996.
Similar Legisation is pending all across America.
Further Scientific Research is much needed here.
The costs are far less than incarceration.

Castration Links:
Beware these sites are among the most extreme on the internet
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This deserves more research & help from endocrin & cancer specialists
to verify its merits for T's and Chem Castration Punishment.
(Humm, this TS doesn't see it as punishment at all... :)
I'm sure there would be sufficient T volunteers for a T feminization study.
Real punishment for bad guys should be more complete:
along with a bad wig, tight high heels, shopping cart and a life sentence as a bag lady !
(Our apologies to for using their fine page out of context.)

Here is latest news update on Chemical Castration Punishment which now uses Depo Provera
Ok, had enough? Then be a good grrl and run along back outside to play!

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