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roses Welcome To The
Institute of

Laurentiev Ave., Novosibirsk, Siberia, Russia, (7) 3832 331212
Sexual Pain Specialist,
Transsexual Therapy, Treatment & Health Program
For Permanent Sex Reassignment Of Your Mind, Body & Soul

RusMed Top 100 RusMed Top 100 Russian Doktor And Medical Links

Emotional Emergency & Crisis Links Worldwide

The Trip of Dr. Lorraine to Mexico for Hormones (New!!!)

New Top Secret Russian Diet (KGB???)

Dr. Lorraine Submits "Vision of Sexuality 2000" To Duma

HCV & TB Epidemic Updates & Treatments

Dr. Svetlana Lorraine
Her accomplishments, her family,
and how to send Her Email.

Serv Commonly Requested
Institute Services:

Ask To Get On New EMail List:
Transsexuality Books:
Your Guides to Transsexuality,
Interaction & Sex With Them.
What's New At The Institute+
-Statement of Dr. Lorraine Re: CODA
-A Visit by Dr. Lorraine to Meet
Some Russian Transsexuals

Institute History, Art & Tours:
History of Russia
Russian Art
Tour Info & Pics !

Institute News & Additions:
-Become An Institute Fellow
-Millenium Council
on Transsexuality.

The Institute Library:
Search Dr. Alexis' Extensive
Archive of Documents
on Transsexuality.

The Institute Briefing Room:
Today's Releases, Hot Topics,
Latest Institute Stories
Photo Opportunities At End !

Institute Help Desk:
Frequently asked questions about
Transsexuality, Hormones
and Institute Services
Institute for Kids:
Helping Young People become
sexually informed & healthy,
Birth Control, Sex & STD's

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