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A green gem set in the Karakoram Range, it was reported to be the inspiration of James Hilton's book Lost Horizon, which became a hit movie in 1937 with Ronald Colman, directed by Frank Capra. It is a place where people have discovered the richness of a graceful and natural life in perfect harmony with nature.

Much of the journey had to be taken by jeep or horseback, over narrow, treacherous mountain roads, or done by foot. As a result, at a key point, you and your jeep, on a rickety platform, had to be pulled across a gaping canyon to the other side.

The Hunza river, fed by glaciers and mountain streams, irrigates orchards of apricots, apples, plums, cherries, peaches and grapes. Erich Shipton, the famous mountaineer, described the people of Hunza( and of Nagar) as 'far superior cragsmen' to even the Sherpas of Nepal.

The Hunza trek crosses two glaciers and skirts the Batura Glacier, the second-longest glacier outside polar regions, and touches Borit Lake. The Nagar Valley trek includes a climb to the glacier lake at the base of Rashpari Peak, and then to the top, which offers commanding views of Nagar and Karimabad.

I have stayed as their guest in the palace at Hunza, and have had the rare priviledge of having the royal family stay with me during some of their infrequent trips to America. It has been my great pleasure to know The Late Mir (King) Jamal Khan, the Rani (Queen) Jamal, as well as the rest of the royal family, including Crown Prince Ghazanfar Ali Khan.

Renewal of spirit and of body is the goal of this unique guide to physical and mental harmony, based on the author's travels among the legendary Himalayan Hunzas, who are reported to thrive to well over 120 years, and on her work as a disciple and instructor in the ancient traditions of Yoga. Renee explains the simple but enriching lifestyle of the Hunzas.

  1. Welcome to Hunza!
  2. The Journey to Hunza
  3. People of Hunza The woman of Hunza help with the farming work.
  4. Renee's Hunza & Yoga
  5. Renee's Books
  6. Hunza Diet Bread, Millet Bread, & Sourdough RecipiesNEW!
  7. Hunza Royality
  8. Introduction to Pakistan
  9. Trek the Mountains of Hunza
  10. Hunza to TurkestanThis trip hits the high points of crossing the Khunjerab Pass.
  11. Nanga Peak & Hunza
    The best camping and views of Nanga Parbat Peak (8,126m).
    The Second part of the trek starts from Hunza Valley.
  12. Hunza Robert Matzinger's Karakoram Highway Picture Gallery.
    In this dry but beautiful valley surrounded by Karakoram peaks,
    nothing grows without the Hunza's irrigation.
  13. Pakistan Travel

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