Hypertext Markup Language

This is a page of HTML Lessons I sent a friend.
I decided recently to make a little web page out of it for everyone.
Please take some time to learn this and Please just give it a try !
You'll Thank Me When You See Your First Page ! :-)
Bookmark this page first, then Save-As html4u.htm to your C:/HTML File


OK, time to learm HTML!!!
It only takes a little effort but a lot of practice!
I only use about a dozen browser "Less Than Key" tags "Greater Than Key"
I had to do things a little different here because
if I type these tags right they won't show,
and the browser goes to work on them ! :-)
When you're in Netscape, click VIEW then Select PAGE SOURCE
and you will see the HTML typing and Tags..../Closed Tags for the page.
These are the command tags that tell the browser how to display the text and images !
So copy some of mine and practice converting a file, start in .txt then rename to .htm and Open.
Also look at the webpage files you have saved, change file ext. to .txt, open and you'll see these tags.
Its not hard to see what they do usually. Add or subtract one and look at effects.


HTML opens the Hyper Text Markup Language webpage.
HEAD opens the Heading at the top.
TITLE is the Title in the heading bar.
BODY is the Text of the webpage, or visible Body of content.
BGCOLOR="#FFFFFF" is the Background Color code,
A little image link placed in here creates a nice "Tiled" Image Background.
TEXT=text color code, VLINK=visited link color code, ALINK=active link color code etc.
These hexadecimal codes are available from any website, just find ones you like!
Black=#000000, White=#FFFFFF, Blue=#0000FF, Red="#FF0000, Green=#00FF00.
Yes, everyone steals these and other websecrets all the time! Its ok !
Go visit later a little freeware called HUEY. It creates cool colors and hexadecimals instantly, easily etc.

H2 is large font

H4 is nice normal font

H6 is tiny fine print

FONT=... and FONT COLOR=...are also used a lot now.
Hexidecimal Color Charts
More Font Info
New Dynamic Fonts !!!

BR is a hard return to "Break" a line where you want

P is a paragraph break for text.

HR is the light line across the page above.
HR NOSHADE is the black line above.
    OL is an ordered list:
  1. "li" tag is a list item and its numbered automatically also!

A HREF...Return To Top is an underlined link to click.
File Not Found Bad Link... And Don't Forget to close the link
or the rest of your page will be a blue link!!! whoops!!! everyone has done this!!! :)

IMG SRC=... is Image File Link, ie. Palladium Ingot
More Image Info
"Slash Tag", /tag, closes that tag...don't forget the slash or the browser goes haywire!!!
And Jim Barksdale, CEO of Netscape will pay you visit...:-)

Tables(TABLE)(TR=Table Row)(TD=Table Data) and other tricks you will pick up as needed,
just look for them and copy what you would like to re-create.
Java script and frames are used a lot now, but older browsers can't "see"
much of the new stuff, especially videos and animations etc.
Simplicity is important if you're trying to reach everyone in the world.
Max-Out your webbie if you're trying to impress your webmaster boss.
You'll have to read up on this one, and practice a lot! This gets complicated quick.
Perfect Typing is an Absolutely Necessary Discipline, broken tags etc. have no mercy !
Like a Marine Drill Sargent !

See, these basic webpages are not that hard.
Tip: When you create a file, in say .wri,
you must rename it to .txt and open it and remove hidden codes off top and bottom,
then rename to .htm extension and then your ready to Open this new .htm file in browser.
Note: Several good programs are also available to help you create pretty good pages.
If it looks right, then move the file to your "webfile", ie.C:/smd to up-load via FTP.
Ask your server how to upload, step by step, tricky to set up but not hard to use.
I like good old WS_FTP32 Freeware. It does everything I need quickly & easily.

One of world's greatest databases was created by a poor woman in San Clemente.
Sister Mary Elizabeth created http://www.aegis.com AIDS Database.
It has over 500,000 files!!! God Bless Her! So, it can be done, No Excuses!

Web pages are the most powerful tool ever invented, so learn how to do this asap!
Geez, you want to be able to upgrade your page anytime without help!
And have lots of fun re-discovering your creativity and imagination.
This is free!!! ( A real Utopia invention!!!) :-)
See also this cool introductory page for teenagers
And this one for Basic Web Colors
And this Colored Text Page

See ya all online soon!!!
Yea, I paid for my first website,, but quickly realized
I was going to have to learn this, go broke or forget doing webpages! :-(
Get a copy of "Netscape 2 Publishing" or equivalent asap.
It has step by step daily lessons, and also a nice CD ROM to help.

Check Out this Fabulous Info Site To Really Get Into This Fast!!!
Webmonkey HTML School,
these Screamin' Graphics for pages
and these Cool Graphic Design Tips by Mark.
Steve, show me MORE, I know this! Ok, so what examples can you show me???
How About
PURE LOVE ??? or
This Great New Site For Web Authors
Send Me Mail !!!
Thanks Christy ! :-)