DRAFT #1 Aug. 2000
DRAFT #2 Jan. 2009

We hold these Truths to be Self-evident: That every Citizen has an inalienable Right to own a Parcel of their Country, to work on that land, to build a Homestead and raise a Family and/or live with Friends.

Whereas the USA has a surplus of degradated lands, whether from fire, flood, soil erosion or toxic weeds and waste etc., totaling hundreds of millions of acres of County, State and Federal Lands, and is unable to fund or man the efforts to repair, reclaim or restore such lands. Therefore, it is in the best interests of the USA and its Citizens to unite to accomplish these goals.

Homesteading is a historically proven way to: Allow Citizens to build a new life, build a stronger healthier country, build a more diverse and productive ecosystem, persue happiness, freedom, and ease the problems of overcrowded cities, unemployment, welfare/SSI and homelessness. This new Homesteading Act can help Citizens begin to return to a harmonious, productive, ecological and sustainable stewardship of our Land and Country.

Herein is described the Homestead Act of 2001.

This Homestead Act is patterned after the original Homestead Act of 1862 and Mining Act of 1872, with significant modifications, wherein citizens can stake a Claim within designated Homestead Districts within County, State or Federal Lands and apply for a Grant to Homestead said Claim. A Claim shall become Homestead Parcel upon completion of all Filing and Granting requirements. An Individual Homestead Claim shall be: a minimum of 1 acre, with 5 acres maximum per citizen. An Association Homestead Claim shall be: a mimimum of 1 Homesteader per 5 acres and a maximum of 640 Homesteaders on 640 acres.

A Homestead Claim shall be staked in a fashion similar to a Mining Claim according to that Homestead District's policies and filing requirements with the County, State and Federal Agencies. Opening of Homestead Districts shall be fair and equitable and not a "land rush". Homestead Parcels will be Granted by application to and approval by the Lead Agency. Priority shall be given to Veterans, Unemployed, Welfared/SSI and Homeless.

A 3 foot high Homestead Monument shall be erected when staking a Homestead Claim. Homestead Parcel Corners shall be noticeably Marked within 90 days of the Grant. Homestead Document copies shall be placed in a weatherproof container at each Marker. Homestead Marking requirements shall follow nearest Mining District Marking Guidelines.

Homesteads should be aligned and described in a manner similar to Placer Mining Claims, ie: by legal subdivision rather than by meets and bounds, where such subdivisions exist or can be extended.

Homesteaders will be required to accomplish the following: Occupancy of at least 30 days per year. Minimum Assessment Work per parcel each year:

Down Payment: $30 per acre, divided in thirds between County, State and Federal Agencies. Annual Payment: $30 per acre, divided in thirds between County, State and Federal Agencies. Annual Assessment Work: $100 worth of work per acre, from the following list: Details and descriptions of each to be proscribed and available in each District.

  1. Mineral, Rock, Gravel & Sand Management
  2. Soil Conservation & Composting
  3. Watershed Improvements, Erosion Control & Water Supply
  4. Road Work, Fencing & Fire Prevention
  5. Tree Plantings & Conservation
  6. Native Plantings & Brush Control
  7. Edible Plantings & Weed Control
  8. Wildlife Management & Habitat
  9. Livestock Management & Habitat
  10. Clean Up & Misc. Items

Improvements made beyond the scope to this list will not be counted towards Assessment Work or Patenting, and included such items as Buildings, Stockpiles, Equipment, Tools, Supplies and Misc. Unattached or Non Permanent Items.

Upon completion of 5 years of Assessment Work and Certification of said work by Federal, State and County Agencies, Homesteaders will be able to apply for a Patent Deed to said Homestead. The Minimum Total Improvements must be $500 on each acre thereof, and these Minimums may be higher in Districts where the initial Minimums were established at higher rates. Official Surveying of said Homestead shall also be done.

Homestead Construction Permits will be made without undue hardship, paperwork, studies or fees and in accordance with basic UBC, Fire & Safety Code minimums. Environmental and other studies will be conducted by the Gov't. and specifications applied to that District upon opening of a District to Homesteading, with annual review by all District Parties with standing. Agencies shall be helpful and expedite and encourage this Homesteading Partnership.

Homestead Construction Guidelines will be established for each District, with an emphasis on establishing traditional rural cultures, lifestyles, layouts and designs with modern technologies incorporated, such as onsite power and sanitation, organic cultivation etc.

Homesteads may be transfered, willed, or sold to another citizen only. Foreign Ownership is prohibited. USA Associations, Corporations and Organizations are encouraged to participate and all citizen members of such groups shall have full use, rights and responsibilities as individual Homesteaders but shall not exceed an Occupancy/Ownership Rate of 1 Homesteader per acre.

Homestead Grants may be revoked only by failure to do the District Minimum Requirements. Violation of Homestead District Rules & Regulations may result in Misdemeanor Fines and Imprisonments not to exceed $5,000 and 1 year. All existing Felony Laws shall apply. Homestead Laws shall apply and a Homestead shall be exempted from seizure or forced sale to meet general debts. Homesteaders shall have rights and responsibilities like other Property Owners. Repeal of this Act will not affect the legal status of Existing Homesteads.

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