Glandular Hormones and hGH
For Health, Fitness, Disease Resistance,
Rejuvenation and Longevity

Protropin There are nine glandular hormones which work with growth hormone, hGH, and help it to work more effectively and systematically in the body:
The Sex Hormones: Estrogen, Progesterone or Androgen.
The Brain Hormones: Melatonin, DHEA,
(And Growth & Pituitary Hormones).
Adrenal Hormones: Pregnenolone,
(And Epinephrine 'Adrenaline', Cortisone).
Other Glandular Hormones: Insulin, Thyroid & Vitamin D.
And the Thymus Gland. 

Estrogen: Produced in the Ovaries it slows the loss of minerals from bones and increases blood clotting, however, it decreases oxygen metabolism to the cells and is known to be a factor in breast and uterine cancer. It is commonly used in Birth Control pills, Menopause Hormone Replacement Therapy(HRT) and M2F Sex Reassignment. 


Progesterone: Produced in the Corpus Luteum, the yellow tissue on the Ovaries, it is essential for the metabolism of glucose and the proper formation of bones, progesterone stimulates the production of new heart cells in the body and supresses cancer growth. It is now used in combination with Estrogens in Birth Control Pills, HRT and M2F Sex Reassignment. 


Androgen: Testosterone and other Androgens increase strength and Muscle mass, Libido and Virilization, however over useage has been shown by atheletes to be very detrimental, including hostility, infertility, jaundice, edema, heart disease, baldness, acne and other side effects. This is a prescription only substance, although the precurser, Androstenedione, is available without prescription and is used by atheletes. Androgens are also used for F2M Sex Reassignment. 

Melatonin: Produced naturally in the Brain by the Pineal Gland, it stimulates the production of Growth Hormone and reduces Free-Radical damage. Melatonin has the ability to stabilize the body's Biological Rhythms and stimulate the Immune system. It is available without prescription. 

DHEA: One of the most powerful hormones for improving brain function, DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone) is the most abundant hormone found in the bloodstream. The function of DHEA is to serve as a precursor for all other hormones in the body by supplying the body with what it needs to maintain an optimum balance of all hormones that regulate metabolic functions. As we age, the level of DHEA declines dramatically. Low levels of DHEA are linked to such conditions as diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol, heart disease, arthritis, and many other symptoms associated with aging. It is available without prescription.  

Pregnenolone: Pregnenolone is a powerful "Balancing" Hormone and Precursor to many other Steroid Hormones, including Sex Hormones and other Adrenal Hormones on an "As Needed" basis. It is made mostly in the Adrenal Gland and has many positive effects on the Brain, Skin and other Organs due to this wide range of chemistry. It is often prepared in lotions and is absorbed through the Skin readily, or also sublingual or regular tablets. Higher doses than normal can cause some irritability and insomnia. It is available without a prescription. 


Insulin: Insulin regulates Sugar Metabolism and other related functions, It is made in the Pancreas and levels can easily be upset and thrown out of balance. Many factors can damage the Pancreas and Insulin production leading to Diabetes, especially poor Dietary Habits. Take care and take a simple test to check as needed. Sometimes with careful medical supervision Diabetes can be reversed, but it is often a serious chronic disease with many side effects. It can be kept in check with dedicated Insulin Replacement Therapy. 


Thyroid: Thyroid hormones regulate metabolism in every cell. Without these hormones the body's decreased metabolism can result in Chronic Fatigue, or Depression. Thyroid Hormones can also be extremely useful in overcomming decreased Metabolism often associated with prolonged Obesity. However, there is concern for potential side effects, especially Tachycardia, therefore they, along with most hormones, should only be prescribed and/or recommended by a physician as part of a carefully designed rejuvenation therapy. Note the Four Iodines on the molecule. This is why Iodine is so essential, to make this Hormone and prevent Goiter. 


Vitamin D: Although misnamed a "Vitamin" long ago, it is actually a Steroid Hormone that is made in our Skin with the action of Sunlight. Without it, Rickets and other Bone and Calcium metabolic problems occur. It has been a common additive to dairy products for years, and we tend to forget about this vital Bone Building Hormone. Along with Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron, Vitamin B12 and others, we can maintain strong healthy Bones and blood producing Marrow. 

Thymus: The Thymus gland is the vital manufacturer of T Cells and and other Immune Factors. It decreases rapidly after about 40 y.o. and so extra care of the remaining T Cells is vital to maintain Immunnity from not only Infections, but also Cancer and other diseases. T Cells are the cells attacked by AIDS, so helping them and the Thymus is important in fighting off the ravages of AIDS. hGH has now been approved for use in treating AIDS, by rejuventating the Thymus and T Cells it assists the Anti-Viral "Drug Cocktails" now prescribed. 

When growth hormone is taken in the proper dosage, along with the other glandular hormones, a healthy diet with essential proteins, essential oils, complex carbohydrates, plenty of good water, complete nutrition of vitamins and minerals, some healthy herbs and spices and good general exercise and relaxation regimes the following changes will occur: 
  • A more youthful appearance. 
  • Increased mental alertness. 
  • Increased strength. 
  • Increased feeling of well-being. 
  • Decreased wrinkling. 
  • Increased sexual potency. 
  • Increased stamina. 
  • Decreased body fat. 
  • Decreased wrinkling. 
  • Improved neurological function. 

Other Hormones From PDR:
Many other hormones, releasers and inhibitors can also be prescribed
by a physician for a wide variety of hyper or hypo hormonal conditions.
These should only be taken with proper medical supervision and testing.
They include these categories: 

  1. Adrenal Corticals and Inhibitors
  2. Anabolics
  3. Androgens
  4. Antidiuretics and Diuretics
  5. Diabetes Agents
  6. Estrogens
  7. Glucocorticoids
  8. Gonadotropins and Releasers
  9. Human Growth Hormones
  10. Leutenizing Hormones and Prolactins
  11. Hypocalcemics
  12. Menotropins
  13. Mineralocorticoids
  14. Progesterones
  15. Progestins
  16. Birth Control Pills
  17. Somatostatins
  18. Thyroids and Suppressants
  19. Urofollitropins
  20. Vasopressins
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