Donatello's David

A Masterpiece with Hidden Meanings

Created by Donatello in Italy between 1425-30,
it was the first significant free standing
lifesize nude bronze since antiquity.
It was condemned and never placed on a pillar as planned.
It remained the only work of its kind for about a century.
And even to this day, nothing quite like it has ever appeared.

It is mysterious in many ways, from the "helmet"
which looks more like a French or Italian woman's hat,
to the long beautiful feminine hair and exquisite facial features,
to the slender feminine arms and distinct pubescent feminine breasts,
to the curvaceous feminine waistline and abdominal muscles,
to the feminne positioning of the hands,
to the feminine hips and legs.
Five feet tall and simply gorgeous!

But then the mysterious appearance of male genitalia!
This is quite outrageous for all ages of art and time.
Yes, a lifesize gorgeous rendition of David as a Shemale!
Almost along the lines of Joan of Arc Transvestism,
but clearly much further than just warrior clothes on a girl.
Donatello was lucky he was not burned at the stake for this!

For centuries this work was explained away with various attempts
to cover the obvious Shemale characteristics. Boyishness?
Hardly boyish hips and abdomen! In fact, without the genitalia,
or if they had been covered by a garment, it would most certainly be
unanimously recognized as a female in all her glorious details.

With modern hormone therapy such Shemales are not rare,
but must surely have been quite rare through the ages.
We thank Donatello for creating such a glorious image for us.
Shemales have not generally been accepted in society and
we hope that this great work of art will help to change that.


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