This is a new type of construction based on 21st century B.C. architecture, using 20th century technology, but designed for the 21st century A.D.out of 20 foot ISO Cargo Shipping Containers. The Stonehenge in England is as old as the Pyramids of Egypt. It is 25 feet high and 98 feet in diameter.The Cargohenge is almost exactly the same size! It's 29 feet high and 95 feet in diameter, it is about 7,100 square feet. It can be assembled quickly on any compacted, flat and slightly elevated (for radial drainage) site with a crane and a few laborers.

Special small concrete slabs for each cargobox, with 1in. j-bolts set in 24in. deep footings, are a necessary minimum foundation. Complete concrete slab construction is necessary for many applications. Special 1in. u-bolts are needed to fasten the inside corners of the upper boxes together. Other 1in. bolts are needed to attach the upper boxes to the lower ones.

Standard walls, roll-up doors, swinging doors and windows in the main openings are needed to complete various external designs. Custom stairs/ladders, interiors and connecting decks between the upper boxes will complete the basic building. Standard available building materials will complete the custom designs.

The roof designs can range from simple camo-netting hung on radial cables, to fiberglass, to corrugated steel, to complete geodesic domes. Special roof fasteners are needed for each type of design. It's easy to imagine many different designs and uses for the Cargohenge!

The original Stonehenge has been used for many different purposes by the many cultures that inhabited the area over the centuries. The following is an outline of the many possible uses for the Cargohenge. It's more versitile than Stonehenge, and not nearly as hard to build.

  1. Business - Main Streets Businesses, Malls, Markets, and Motels. (with Smoked Glass).
  2. Religious - Many denominations already use round buildings. ( with Stained Glass).
  3. Social - Schools, Libraries, Meetings, Clubs. (with Regular Glass).
  4. Vehicles - Autos, Motorhomes, Trucks, Bikes, Plane Terminals. (Doors are 20 ft. x 12 ft.).
  5. Animals - Horses, Cattle, Pets, Zoos, Circus. (with appropriate fencing).
  6. Industrial - Factories, Welding, Metals, Glass.
  7. Agricultural - Greenhouses, Hydroponics, Atriums, Graineries, Wineries, Beer.
  8. Science - Astronomy, Solar, Space, UFO's ;-)?
  9. Entertainment - Music, Movies, Dance, Theater, Art, Arcades.
  10. Health - Spas, Clubs, Gyms, Pools.
  11. Leisure - Parks, Gardens, Bar-B-Ques, Parties, Casinos.
  12. Government - City Halls, Courts, Administration, Jails.
  13. Nature - Oases, Springs, Ponds, Wildlife.
  14. High Tech - Communications, Computers, Energy.
  15. Sports - Rodeos, Bullrings, Rollerderby, Swimming, Wrestling.
  16. Military - HQ's, Forts, Tanks, Missiles.
  17. Monuments - Memorials, Mortuaries, Cemeteries, Museums and Millenium Peace Monuments.
  18. Misc. - Storage, Recycling, Custom Houses and just for Fun.
  19. International Disaster Relief Facilities NEW !


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