Kids Kabin Big Boys Bunk

Wooden Sheds
Cabins And
Log Homes

Whether its a garden shed, or a log home mansion,
everyone should have a decent shelter they call home.
Pioneers have always started small and grown so...
If it was good enough for Abe Lincoln...

Codes, Zoning and Ordinances of all kinds prevent
Sheds from being used to house people, but not animals.
People get only disguarded cardboard, plastic and rags.
What's wrong with this disgraceful picture of degradation?

Unprecedented human suffering and homelessness,
Humble Masses living on the streets everywhere...
When Sheds are so easily affordable and buildable.
Easy As A "Tumbleweed House" ;-)
Shame on the selfish bureaucrats and ruling class!
Here are some cool folks who try hard to make a difference!
At least a few rich folks support these causes.

We need to get up and build these for everyone now!
End Homelessness with Simple Small Homes on left.
And consider, when sold for a profit, that Pioneer
Will be moving up to a Better Home & Garden next purchase,
Perhaps someday to Log Cabin like one on right.

Ted Hayes Takes Bullet For Homeless
Ted Hayes Takes A Police Bullet In Neck For The Homeless At Democratic Convention 8-14-2000 LA
So This Is Tipper Gore's Plan For Solving The Homeless Problem?
See Also Seattle Mayor's Ethnic Cleansing Solution For The Homeless

New Homeless Plan For Los Angeles, UTOPILA 2001


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