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The Legume Genus Anadenathera consists of at least two important species found adjacent to the rainforests of South America and the Carribean. A. peregina is found along the tropical savannahs of northern South America. A. columbrina is found along the Andes. Anadenanthera is a beautiful delicate fern-leaved tree with spreading branches, white puff-ball flowers and dark leather brown pods with half inch diameter black pip seeds. It resembles the Lead Tree, the Albizia and many other legume trees, but it has the most delicate doubly pinnately-compound mimosa leaves. A. peregina is not frost tolerant, but A. columbrina is somewhat more hardy. It is used commonly for fence posts by the uninformed and is rapidly dissapearing in some areas. More details and pictures are arriving daily, including xerox copies of the leaves and seeds, chemical structures for the Serotonin Group and more! Keep those cards and emails coming!

The ethnobotany of these species was virtually overlooked by European conquerors, and the secret remained hidden for almost 500 years, while so many other New World plants were extensively exploited worldwide. It won't be long before these species are also used along with the many other spices and drugs of the New World. These links are a good beginning towards the understanding and wise utilization of these sacred trees. They have so much to tells us...

Ethnobotany is very important because it traces the development of humanity. Even the most ancient of civilizations relied upon agriculture and the domestication of certain plants for forage, medicinal, fiber, culinary and dye purposes. Ethnobotany also traces the development of modern Medicine and Herbalism along with the Paper, Chemical & Rubber Industries. It traces the origins of Spiritualism and Shamanism. The mythical Tree of Knowledge of the Bible may have been turned long ago to desert dust during the many wars of the Old World, but it thrives in the peaceful verdant rainforests of the New World, where it has been used to gain knowledge of God, Nature & our Ancestral Relationship with the forest for perhaps 10,000 yrs.

The Anadenanthera, and other DMT species, have many fascinating features to explore: Anthropology, Archeology, Botany, Chemistry, Dreams, Drugs, Ecology, Ethnobotany, Evolution, Fantasy, Forests, God, History, Insight, Jokes, Laughter & Love, Medicine, Mystery, Neurology, Origins, Poisons, Psychiatry, Religions, Seeds, Spirits, Space & Time, Tribes, Universes, Visions, Wonderlands, Woods and Zoology.

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  1. Taino
  2. Taino Longhouse, Puerto Rico


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  21. Psychotria viridis + Peganum harmala experiment
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