Tibetan Herbal & Medicinal Plants

This list was compiled from a rare formula from an old herbal book.
The old plant names were researched and updated for modern use.
There are elements of mystery as to authenticity, accuracy, identification,
preparation, dosages, efficacy, and usefulness at all,
but this list may be worth further study and verification.
Please do not use any of the unknown and toxic plants listed, period.
The most important knowledge in this list is probably
the ancient use of simple plants and fruits to achieve health.
While many herbal lists use toxic plants to achieve health,
the lesson from this list is so basic that it is often overlooked by many herbal texts.

The Secret Of Tibetan Herbal Medicine Is ....

See End Of List For Surprise Answer !!

Original Old List, Revised Botanical Name, Common Name, Edibility

  1. Plantaginis herba, Plantago lanceolata? English Plantain, Edible Herb
  2. similar spp., Plantago indica, Eurasian Plantain, Edible Herb
  3. Polygoni avicul., Polygonum aviculare, Knotgrass, Edible Herb
  4. similar spp., Polygonum multiflorum, Fo Ti Teng, Edible Herb
  5. Potentillae herba, Potentilla aurea, Golden Cinquefoil, Edible Herb
  6. similar spp., Potentilla auserina, Silverweed, Edible Herb
  7. Latuca sativa, Latuca sativa, Lettuce, Edible Herb
  8. Calendulae flos., Calendula spp., Marigold, Edible Herb
  9. Cardomoni, Elettaria cardomonum, Cardamom, Edible Herb
  10. Aegle sepiar, Citrus sinensis? Hardy Orange, Edible Fruit
  11. Caryophylli, Cary. spp.? Cloves, Spice Tree
  12. Ganja, Canabis indica, Hashish, Sacred Herb
  13. Hedychii spicat., Hedychium spicatum, Gingerlily, Probably OK
  14. Liquiritae rad., Gly. spp. ? Licorice Root, Probably OK
  15. Valerianai rad., Valeriana officinalis, Valerian, Medicinal Herb
  16. Amorni medic, Oxalis spp., Wood Sorrel, Bitter Tonic
  17. Lichen, Lichen islandicus, Iceland Moss, Toxicity Unknown
  18. Aguilegiae viridi, Aguilegia viridiflora, Columbine, Toxicity Unknown
  19. Costus amarus, Costus speciosus? Spiral Flag, Toxicity Unknown
  20. Sida cordifolia, Sida spicatum? Heart Leaved Sida, Toxicity Unknown
  21. similar spp., Sida hermaphrodita, Virginia Mallow, Toxicity Unknown
  22. Santali rubr., Santalum rubrum? Red Sanders, Toxicity Unknown
  23. similar spp., Santalum album, Sandalwood, Toxicity Unknown, incense
  24. Melia tousend, Melia azedarach? China Berry Tree, Toxic Berry,avoid
  25. Tuber aconiti, Tuber aconitium, Monkshood, Very Toxic, avoid
  26. Myroblans, Prunus spp., Plum ( PRUNES !) Edible Fruit
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