This site contains a special list of hundreds of carefully selected edible plants to assist people in the design of large and small pastures. By combining as many edible species as possible and experimenting with arrangements of tall and short species,annuals and perrennials, nutritional values, varieties and flavors, extraordinary salads can be harvested. Tremendous increases in total nutritional productivity per acre can be achieved. These fresh healthful salads can be grown quickly, and can provide most dietary requirements over longer harvesting periods. Other foods can be added as needed to complete and balance the diet. Crops need not always be grown to maturity and can be pruned and manipulated in numerous ways. Some plants can be grown for seed or set aside in perrennial gardens. Dried and pelletized crops can be stored easily.

Soil fertility can be increased and soil erosion decreased with more continous production. Combinations of plants can help prevent insect infestations by disrupting their cycles, and less pesticide-herbicide use will increase vital bird and bee populations. Noxious weeds can be identified and eliminated with careful pasture management. This list is an attempt to reorganize these edible plants using formal botanical relationships within simplified groupings, rather than the usual alphabetical lists of vegetables, herbs, flowers and weeds. Hopefully this will increase our appreciation, understanding and cultivation of these plants. This list, when combined with other available information about each individual crop, should help people create a completely new approach to agriculture and relationship with the earth.

Agridiversity is the variety of edible plants in an area, including the complexity of genetic variation, number and distribution of species, and the ways in which they interact and function. In the garden we are indeed pioneers learning the secrets of earthly creation, evolution, humanity, consciousness and our oneness with it, each other and God.

Please also visit a great pioneer whose site expresses much this far more eloquently, along with many fine pages of details. M. Fukuoka's Natural Farming. Then be sure to come back to download our special Agridiversity Seed Lists of over 750 species & varieties.

Garden Of Eden Plan For The Planet, Especially The Deserts

"Then God said, let the earth bring forth vegetation, every kind of plant that bears seed... God saw how good it was. See, I give you every seed bearing plant all over the earth...to be your food."Genesis 1:11. "Only give us seed that we may survive and not perish and that our land may not turn into a waste." Genesis 47:19.


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