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This page is outlines a broad collection of important links to
many of the best webpages on the subject of world hunger.

NEWS UPDATE, Vitamin Cartel Busted

The fundamental basis of poverty and hunger
is our relationship to the land.
We fall into five basic classes of people
when analyzed using this basis:


    They do not work the land themselves, but sometimes supervise the work.
    Instead they hire labor or let the land to sharecroppers.


    They work in the fields but have more land than they can cultivate alone.
    They gain most of their income from land they cultivate with hired labor or sharecroppers.


    The classic self-sufficient small farmer. They earn their livings mainly by working their own land,
    though at times they may work for others or hire others to work for them.


    They own a little land, but not enough to support themselves.
    They earn their livings mainly by working as sharecroppers or wage earners.


    They do not own any land except sometimes their house site.
    Lacking tools, equiptment or livestock, they seldom can work as sharecroppers,
    and must depend upon wages for their livelihoods.
    In what class do you find yourself lately?

    "Without Good Land There Is No Security".

    Who said this famous quote?
    Moses, Jesus, Alexander The Great,
    Caesar, Mohammed, Joan of Arc,
    Ben Franklin, M. Begin, or Y. Arafat?
    All Of The Above?
    None Of The Above?

Hunger Organizations

  1. Seednet
  2. Feed The Hungry
  3. Hunger Corps
  4. ISA Agencies
  5. World Vision
  6. Life Outreach International
  7. Bread For The World
  8. The Hunger Project
  9. World Hunger Year
  10. Food First
  11. Second Harvest Food Banks
  12. Food Industry Crusade Against Hunger
  13. Mazon Grants
  14. Mazon
  15. Orphans Of The World
  16. Weaver Inst. Van. B.C.
  17. ECHO
  18. ECHO Research
  19. End Hunger Network
  20. Operation Blessing
  21. Congressional Hunger Center
  22. Global Hunger Network
  23. Micronutrient Initiative
  24. Nat. Student Campaign
  25. Youth Ending Hunger

Hunger Resources

  1. Economic Development, Ag Policies & Hunger
  2. On Resourses & Hunger
  3. Hunger & Nutrition
  4. World Hunger
  5. Homeless & Hunger Projects
  6. Abs. on Poverty & Nutrition
  7. Bridging Hunger
  8. 30 Hour Famine
  9. Veg.Resource Group
  10. Sudbury Savoyards Theater
  11. Alan Shawn Feinstein World Hunger Program, Brown Univ.
  12. Carter Center
  13. American Express Charge A Hunger Anti-Hunger Program
  14. World Hunger
  15. World Hunger
  16. Healing The Wounds
  17. Hunger Links
  18. Hannys, NY
  19. The Kitchen Link

Select Country's Stories

  1. The Great Hunger, 1845-1995
  2. Hunger Spirals of Ireland
  3. SOS Hunger Fact Sheet
  4. Profiles Of Hunger
  5. Bosnia Links
  6. Haiti, the Fourth World
  7. Hunger Iraq
  8. NASAC's Plan To End Hunger In Ghana
  9. Zambia News
  10. Rwanda Update

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