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Welcome to WWW Agricultural Perspectives. This page attempts to outline some of the varied and numerous developments in agriculture found on the web and elsewhere. They are subdivided into nine categories and will get you into the thick mud of it quickly.

NEWS UPDATE, Vitamin Cartel Busted

The first category is concerned with the
World-Wide Dialog that took place in last fall's World Food Summit. This interaction presented a special opportunity to share and debate ideas about various situations, challenges and crises facing mankind today and into the next century.

The second category is concerned with
World Hunger,including hunger orgs., info resources and specific country's stories.

The third category is concerned with
Food Wars, including blockades, cartels, commodity & stock markets, labor & enviro.

The fourth category is concerned with
Research Projects and rural projects, including vegies, misc. crops, forage and trees.

The fifth category is concerned with
Organic Farming, including techniques, plans and information.

The sixth category is concerned with
Soil Science, erosion and reclamation.

The seventh category is concerned with
Agricultural Seed lists, and the strategic importance of Agridiversity.

The eighth category is concerned with
Ag Updates about seed cartels, anti-exotic plant movement and seed savers.

The ninth category is concerned with
Tobacco farming and vital anti-tobacco programs.

The tenth category is concerned with
African Cannabis Agriculture Perspectives politics, poverty and disease.

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